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No Purchase Confirmation Email

posted by Smtih on - last edited - Viewed by 273 users
I put through an order for Sam & Max Season 2 along with my season 1 bonus disk but i have received no confirmation via email that my transaction has been completed and nothing has been charged Via papal.

Maybe I'm not waiting long enough, its been a day since i made the order. However the fact that after I've completed the order my items were still in the cart made me suspicious that it may not have worked.

Can you confirm that you have or have not received my order
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  • It shouldn't take this long for the order to go through, so I checked and I see what the problem is. Occasionally PayPal orders get hung up before the transaction can go through, and then there's no way to go back and complete the order. Unfortunately that's what's happening. (It's something we've been trying to get fixed with our ecommerce provider for over a year now...) Is there any chance you could pay with a credit card instead?

    If not, let me know and we'll figure something else out.
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