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Monkey Island! Bring It Back!

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omg i miss that game so much, grew up with it since the secret of MI. and never used a walthrough site once. i love the puzzzzzzzzles. grew up with that whole lucasart adventure genre , all except the indiana jones. eff lucas art for killing my dreams and im sure a thousand more. asses, but now we have telltalegames. and hopefully they'll do us all a favor and BRING BACK MONKEY ISLAND PLEASEEEEEEEE! in non episodic sequences of course <3 have a happy new years guys :cool:
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    The Flash BANNED
    aw so mean glenfx =( you have no hope for MK or any of those adventure games going to telltale. you never know what could happen. i guess your head was just stuck on a rabbit and a dog and not on monkeys, pirates, and skeleton bones. weak
  • I think the issue is that if you want a new Monkey Island, you have to ask LucasArts. Even if you want TellTale to make it, LucasArts is the company you need to nag about it, because they own it.
  • start a petition for lucasarts to give the rights to telltale to make a new monkey island game hehe
  • Lucas arts... *grumble grumble ampersand semi colon*
  • i love the monkey island series! one of the best! no idea if there's one coming out but lemme noe if it does lol
  • I enjoyed the Monkey Island series as well, but I don't think it would be a good idea to release another game. Just because a game (or movie, or TV series, or novel, et cetera) is good, doesn't mean it's a good idea to create an endless series of sequels and/or spin-offs.

    I feel that the game designers more or less exhausted the possibilities for the series in the first three games. Every game had a new variation on insult sword fighting, a reincarnated LeChuck, a new reason for Guybrush to go save Elaine, some new island to explore, another meeting with Herman Toothrot... It was great fun and all, but it's also a formula that you can only repeat so many times before it becomes stale.

    In part IV the writers already relied too much on parody and self-reference for my taste, and the result was that the game played more like a tribute to the older games than a great game that can stand on its own.

    So I'd rather prefer experienced adventure game designers spend their energy on creating new, fresh material than rehash old formulas until everyone gets sick of it. Case in point: I enjoyed Grim Fandango (written by Tim Schafer, who also wrote for Monkey Island I & II) much more than Monkey Island IV. (And no, this doesn't mean I want a Grim Fandango II.)
  • I think if they brought back the right people, it wouldn't have to be a rehash. If you look at Monkey Island 2, very little of that game's plot is recycled from the first game, and most of it didn't get carried over into the later games, either. A lot of the monotony comes from people being afraid to stray from the series' roots, I believe. I think if they let Gilbert write the story, it would go in a completely different direction from 3 and 4, because he wouldn't have the same compulsion to try to recreate the first game.
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    Come'on people..... stop living the past. I would love a few Old Game +1 Version from Telltale, but TT needs to start making NEW things or they will stay as the little company that kept re-making franchise episodes/chapters/games.

    They clearly have the talent so... NAY to Telltale's MI5 (and Grim Fandango 2, and any other OLD game that is talked about)

    Besides, I sense a powerful force that prevents MI5 from happening.
  • Afraid so, despite Guybrush and the Voodoo Lady having five-game contracts.
  • Murray the Chao;49067 said:
    Afraid so, despite Guybrush and the Voodoo Lady having five-game contracts.
    Exactly right! That one-line is going to haunt us MI fanatics for all eternity!
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