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"Virtual Memory low"

posted by leon101 on - last edited - Viewed by 380 users
I bought the Sam & Max season 1, and when I play and episode for extended amounts of time, the game begins to lag, and when I quit the game. I have a warning that says, "Virtual memory low." How could I get it to stop sucking all of my virtual memory.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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  • Not a super helpful suggestion, I know, but you could always save the game, quit and restart a bit more often :)

    Or get more RAM for your computer.
  • Season 1 is notorious for sucking memory (it doesn't have any sort of detection to see if it uses too much RAM). All you can really do is save, quit, and reload, or increase virtual memory (Windows should do it automatically if you're on XP), or buy as much RAM as your computer can take. Season 2 seems to be worse, as noted elsewhere on the forum. Telltale really should get some detection and cleanup made.
  • Oooo, I'm in deep ****. My computer won't take any more ram, it's full. Interesting though, the pc game ER has the same problem, but the developers released two patches for it, that completely fixed the problem.

    I guess, I'll just have to play for short periods at a time. At least each episode only takes about two or so hours to complete, or I would be pissed about this. ;)
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