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Introduce Yourself!

posted by GuruGuru214 on - last edited - Viewed by 107.6K users
Just about every forum I've seen has had an introduction thread, and with the new licenses bringing in so many new faces, I feel ours should be no exception. This thread is for new members to introduce themselves and say hello. If you guys like, it can also be for old members to introduce themselves to the new members.

And yes, I'm aware that we already had this thread two months ago, but after the way that one went, I felt a blank slate was in order.

Well! Guess I'll get the ball rolling!

Greetings! I'm GuruGuru214, though most call me Guru. I've been here for around a year and a half, and at the moment I believe I have the 5th highest post count among active posters (behind Avistew, Rather Dashing, Jake, and Irishmile). This means that I talk a lot but not necessarily that I have a lot to say. :D Needless to say, I could very well be the mod who spends the most time on here.

I also started the longest running thread on the forums back before my modship, which is something that fills me with both pride and shame, depending on what's going on in there at any given time.

I've been a gamer for as long as I can remember and own every Nintendo console there is.


See? I also own the full Telltale library, with the exception of Texas Hold'em. Once a year, you'll find me running the Great Monkey Island Race and the Great Sam & Max Race, a speed run competition through every game in each series and a whole lot of fun. Other times, you might find me on other crazy exploits, like running the entire Kingdom Hearts series in chronological order, or cataloging my game collection and then attempting to beat all the games I never finished.

I like to think I'm easy to get along with, as long as you're a reasonable person. Don't look for trouble and we should get along just fine.

Welcome to Telltale! Enjoy your stay and don't cross me! :D
  • Well I'm gonna level with you all here!... I'm here cuz of 2 reasons!...

    1. Tell Tale have awesome funny writers (delivery also perfect)
    2. I want to forcefully make the devs consider my views on next franchise, very arrogantly, because that's what I want! (mostly why I am here)

    Sorry!... I'm just like Murray, very arrogant and cruel!

    I'm kidding guys!.. Hi everybody!... great job on everything TTG! (specially the writers)

    I'm going to start a thread for my personal input into the next thing to be considered a great game for TTG style.

    PS: Sorry for my English, 2nd language
  • Hello!
    I'm Zabz, 21 years old and English is not my first language, so I'll apologize right now for future mistakes. I finally decided to join this forum, but I must confess that I'm more of a lurker than a poster ;)

    Well... that's it for now.
  • Hi guys,

    I'm Karsten, an enthusiastic gamer (mainly PC based) and I live in the UK. I am originally from South Africa and have loved playing games since I was 11. I am a huge fan of adventure based games and remember the good old LucasArts and Sierra days, i haven't stopped adventuring since.

    Big ups for Telltale, perhaps one day i can join your team, I am planning to do a games programming course in London this year or next and would love to get into this industry.


  • Hey!
    I live in Montana and play lots of video games.

    I first came to telltale when announced they would be making a Homestar Runner game. Then I got hooked on the Sam and Max games.

    I game mostly on the Xbox but play Telltale games on my crappy PC
  • My name is VeryTori. I have 2 cats and 1 dog. I have been on a computer for about as long as I remember. (Not 24/7 just so you know. :) ) I have only recently been on TellTale. I joined about a month ago because of Back To The Future the Game. And that game is awesome just so you know!
  • I might as well start this off properly.. (as I only introduced myself somewhat on the Sam & Max forum...)

    I'm Hayley, and I heard of Telltale Games because of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People (which I loved), and over a year ago I got into Sam & Max through this and since grew a love for Telltale, the adventure game genre and have been on these forums since June last year.

    I love drawing and want to write comics and work in animation for a living when I'm older.
    I love my Yorkie, Jack to bits and I adore all dogs.
    I have a passion for Bollywood, other Indian cinema and basically just India as a whole.
    I have a few fan arts on the Sam & Max fan art thread also. :)
    Sam & Max is my biggest fandom and I am currently spazzing out and impatiently waiting for the release of Hector episode 1. :D

  • I guess I'll say something.

    I like bacon cheeseburgers. You now know something about me.

    ...and I have a problem with over editing
  • Hi, Jbryan here!

    newbie here and I'm happy to be a member of this forum site.
    I love to play games that's why I was able to sign up here.
    I want to gain more knowledge that is why sharing of ideas, opinions, feedback, suggestions are very much appreciated.

    Have a good day to all! :D
  • I am Coolguy721 and i am a fan.
  • Greetings, humans! I, Prime Evil, the Wickedest Warlock in the World, have registered with Telltale with the promise of a free Back to the Future episode. And I have to say I'm not disappointed at all. Yes...that was a damn good episode. I look forward to buying the next four.

    Okay, time for seriousness. My name's Nick, and I'm 24 years old. I've been a BTTF fan since...Christ(opher Lloyd)-on-a-bike, it'll be 20 years now. I'm a member of other forums, too--Gallifrey Base,, EvaGeeks, the Super Mario Bros. Fan Forum, and many, many others. You'll find me under other names, most commonly Nix and Sharaz Destler (don't ask).
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