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  • DAISHI;492750 said:

    One person even didn't get the joke where Cave says "Say Goodnight Caroline" and she replies "Goodnight Caroline". He said it implied she was talking to a computer version of herself.
  • ShaggE;492823 said:
    Bwa hah! From one of the best of the new episodes!
  • DAISHI;492750 said:
    One person even didn't get the joke where Cave says "Say Goodnight Caroline" and she replies "Goodnight Caroline". He said it implied she was talking to a computer version of herself.
    Can you please... direct me to this post? I must see it with my own eyes to believe it.
  • who ever tagged "want you gone is better" must be out of his or her mind.
  • I didn't find the quote itself but did find somebody responding with equal disgust as me.

    Originally Posted by woolysockofdoom View Post
    Two lines from Portal 2 resonate with me. After the first series of tests with the repulsion gel, Cave says "Say goodbye, Caroline," and she says "Goodbye Caroline." This line makes me wonder if Caroline is some sort of Artificial Intelligence, even back in the 1950s or 1960s, depending on when you think these recordings had to be made. At a few points in the game, Caroline has remarks which don't seem incredibly intelligent, and I think could be attributed to a primitive AI.

    Oh jeeze.. It's an old JOKE sir. A very old joke. It was used commonly by the likes of George Burns and many others. You may just be too young to have seen it used often. It was an extremely common joke on Rowan and Martin's Laugh In, which happened to be popular in the same time in history as the height of Cave's power and success.

    Hell I think I even saw it on Seinfeld once.

    A bit later, at the starting of the testing for the propulsion gel, is a pre-recorded Caroline responds to Cave, and GLaDoS spontaneously has a similar response. This strengthens my belief that Caroline was a basis for the construction of GLaDoS, but is not GLaDoS in all of her entirety. Coupled with my earlier explanation, this makes me believe that Caroline was never an acutal person, but just a simple AI, which was used to construct GLaDoS later.

    Wow, again.. the point of this was to identify for you, the player, that GLaDOS is Caroline, by the fact that GLaDOS was uncontrollably joining in the response to Cave, the way she would have when she was alive. It was like some kind of pscyhological trigger.. she was hearing Cave and herself, and it caused her to join in and repeat the line. Shortly after she starts saying how she thinks there is something very wrong with her. This is all about her having a sort of spiritual or intellectually AWAKENING to her PAST self.

    As someone else said, there are also portraits Cave and Caroline in the facility, which also trigger GLaDOS to comment about the woman.. because IT'S HER AND SHE IS FIGURING THAT OUT.

    I don't know why some of you have to overcomplicate it so much.

    From a massive speculation thread on the Steam forums.
  • The steam forums can be very ....unique... sometimes.

    I enjoyed the game too much, I wish I still had more to do in it. I've done the both single player, co-op, commentary, and all achievements. And yet I need ....MORE! I even went and played the first again which made me realize even more so how much of an improvement the second game is. I think Want You Gone may not be as loved by the masses because it doesn't have that dark revenge theme like Still Alive, but I'm enjoying Want You Gone more than Still Alive right now.

    Did any one else see this article about how Valve doesn't want to make any more single player games? I'm really kinda bothered by this. I'm wanting more games like Half-Life and Portal. While I enjoyed Left 4 Dead (2) I really would have liked a single player campaign mode.
  • If so, I'm done with Valve. I don't do multiplayer.
  • Articles like that always need to be taken with a grain of salt. I would take that to mean that games will include always include some form of multiplayer, such as Portal 2's co-op, not that there will no longer be single player at all. It's hard to play through Portal 2's single player campaign and feel like they didn't really want to do it. :P
  • The article it came from was by Geoff Keighley who's tight with the guys at Valve, it's very very in depth and if you have an iPad it's worth your two bucks (I don't so I grabbed a dodgy PDF version of it, if it comes to a device I actually own i'll happily pay the money as I felt it was worth it)

    But yeah, he must've had a sound basis for it I guess, though such news makes me sad. Games are generally "me" time, I wanna take my time and absorb the atmosphere and go at my own pace, not be hurried along by a friend who moves at a faster pace than myself.

    Maybe all their games will have an in-depth but optional co-op component or something, but I hate to see the death of the singleplayer game, especially by the folks who do it the best in my opinion
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