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ideas to next csi game

posted by rudyst1 on - last edited - Viewed by 1.9K users
i know there has been a similar thread to this and i no that hard evidence just came out and all, which is a great game of course, but im just posting this to get other peoples opinions about improvements that be needed and a very kickass title
not that hard evidence wasnt, it was
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  • See I own the game CSI: Miami for PC and im on the level "final judgement" .
  • What about a csi:ny game?
  • rudy,
    Back in 2003, several of us were talking about how the CSI games could be improved. BallisticsBabe had the idea of players making up their own crimes that would be sent to other players. That would require the usage of File Transfer Protocol and a specific site to which everyone would go. Possibly even the the usage of an intranet cord. Memphis911 came up with the idea of some sort of multiplayer function, where a "host" would create a "campaign" of crimes and players would have to work together to solve them.
  • Hey Posiedon -

    We love the idea of allowing users to make-your-own crime, but it turns out there are many legal problems with doing this. (Licensing issues)

    For example, if users are allowed to construct their own CSI cases and others can play them, then CBS does a similar crime for one of the CSI shows, then there's all kind of legal ramifications even if the CBS folks never saw the case that was made.

    Even the stories we write for the game have to through a strict approval process. If thousands or hundreds of people are allowed to write stories then there's no way for them to keep control over the license.

    Another reason why licensing deptartments exist - so that they can keep tighter control over what goes out with their name on it!

    There's more to it than that, but that's all I have time for at the mo! Hope it makes sense! 8)

    - greg
  • The multiplayer angle is an interesting idea. Particularly nowadays when you can do voice chat, etc. during a game. I'll pass that idea along to ubisoft, in case they do another CSI game.
  • Greg,
    Remember these ideas were discussed way back in 2003, just after the first CSI game came out and there was a lot of discontent with the the first ten cases given. Things have progressesd greatly since then.


    I thought Ubisoft was under contract with Telltale....?
  • Well i know i would really like if there were more suspects locations and cases!
  • A new CSI gamer named MaxineValera is complaining that certain items in CSI3DoM are too shiny white for her, i.e., the car and the fridge.
  • I like to see a second CSI Miami or start off on CSI New York
  • true that
    a new csi miami game or the start of a ny game would be great!
    is it possible for in next titles game for the systems to include like a headset and kinda say ur own questions instead of the whole point and click questions
    and wut if u could actually drive the mobile analysis for a change like just in a case or 2.
    that would be really kool.

    and like CSI-Gamer said it would be great to have alot more suspects and locations available
    wut if there were more than 5 cases? dont u think it would provide more gameplay and better usage for the analysis unit:) just wonderin
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