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  • Well if sigle player dies I am no longer interested i gaming. I never liked multiplayer games. The one I did like got worse and worse since hats were introduced until it reached a point where I deleted it and swore to never ever ever touch that darn thing ever again. EVER.

    I like the co-operative multiplayer campaign in P2 though. That's an okay idea and I like the fact that it is different from the single player campaign.
  • Yeah like I've made pretty clear on these forums, I like single player games where I can get into the story and out in a relatively brief time. Multiplayer is usually a long term marriage to people I don't necessarily like.
  • Some food for thought for those who have cleared Portal 2, i'd picked up on the recurring theme of birds and Prometheus, but this image goes a little further.

    Spoilers, do not click etc etc
  • Tartaros makes a good name for a pit. But how do we know that's Aeschylus in the painting? I think the Atlas/P-Body ideas are a bit stretched. Wheatley is just a common character type.
  • The prospect of this taking place in my home state is now starting to freak me out. It's a good thing it's fiction.
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