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Pre-Order now available! Release date: April 27!

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Hi everyone,

You can now pre-order the first episode of Hector: Badge of Carnage (titled: We Negotiate With Terrorists) for PC and Mac. An Ipad-version is coming later. It's 10 dollars (or 7 Euro's in my case). The release date is April 27, with episode 2 and 3 coming in the fall. That's right, we're getting a BttF-episode, a JP-episode and a Hector-episode all in one month.

Pre-Order bonuses:

* Free version of Puzzle Agent (I own 3 versions of this game by now, but for those of you that don't have it: it's awesome!)
* Access to Private Insiders Forum (I just pre-ordered, but the forum doesn't seem to be up just yet)
* 10% of purchase donated to Japan relief efforts

The minisite is updated as well. You can now watch the trailer and two short animated movies, watch some screenshots and get confirmation on the pre-order bonuses. The about-page and episode-pages are still under construction.

Store page:

The game looks hilarious, and I can't believe it's only a week away.
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  • I got Hector as my Easter present today. Now I'm uber psyched! :D
  • WOW Telltale are really spoiling us this month. This looks fun.
  • I'm thinking about buying Hector. Looks great!

    But I think the price is problematic. Will the other episodes also cost 9.99?
    Will there ever be a season package?


    Well, forget about it, I bought the game anyway.
    I do hope the next episodes will be cheaper though...

    Oh, and I now have two Puzzle Agents!
    I'd like to give one of 'em to a friend. How do I do that?
  • Major_Higgins;490070 said:
    I'm thinking about buying Hector. Looks great!

    But I think the price is problematic. Will the other episodes also cost 9.99?
    Will there ever be a season package?
    This is my worry too. I think I'm going to hang off a little longer.
    Especially after the BTTF preorder fiasco.
  • Molokov;489077 said:
    I already have Puzzle Agent, so I just emailed [email][/email] and they converted my second copy into a gift code, which I've just given out to a friend. You can do that too :p
    I would do that... if I didn't hate sending e-mails so much.
  • YES! Here's a game for me. Haven't been this psyched about a TellTale release besides Sam & Max.

    I don't, nor will I ever, own an iPhone, but just looking at the trailer has me ROFL like in the good old days. The humor kind of makes me think of Archer, but that's probably even more raunchy than this. An idea for a new franchise there, be my guest.

    My only concern here are the system requirements, with 3GB of RAM. That's probably not the minimum though, as I can run the first episode of BTTF that I got for free, just fine with only 2GB.

    As Jake points out here, the TellTale engine should be the same with Hector.

    Even though it wouldn't work on my machine, I would get an excuse to go and visit my folks and play it there. Plus, it only costs ten bucks, one of which goes to a good cause. Even though it wouldn't work at all (hit and miss, like with the Adventure Bundle) I still could have used 7EUR much more stupidly than this.

    I'm fairly sure I made a good deal, but we'll see in a couple of days.
  • Xaxir;488106 said:
    I would also like to know if it's coming to Steam and, has it been optimized since being an iPhone game?
    Yes, Hector will be coming to Steam on both PC and Mac. :)
  • Gah, now you've made me imagine TT making an Archer game...
  • Quick question.

    I pre-ordered but Hector is not showing up under my "Games" tab. Telltale has yet to get back to my query. Is this normal? Does it only appear when it goes live? Puzzle Agent popped up just fine!
  • Me neither!
    Oh well, I guess it'll work fine when released.
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