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From a Gamer to a Gamer: Will this work for Gamestop In-Store?

posted by BoneFreak on - last edited - Viewed by 806 users
Alright, so I preordered Brink from gamestop and I chose in-store pick-up, used my brother's debit card, and printed out the confirmation papers.

Gamestop tells me in one part that "a form of payment and confirmation papers are required" and then in the next it tells me I need that AND "government-issued identification or driver's license".

Brink is rated T for teen, and I'm 14. I know that M games (no matter how purchased) at gamestop need ID.

Will this work: I go into gamestop, show the confirmation papers, and pay in cash.

Or will I have to have my brother pay in cash and show his driver's license?
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