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end-of-season DVD

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I'm really happy with telltale games, and won't complain about the delay, but I just need to have something sorted out.

About the end-of-season DVD, I wasn't going to pre-order when I saw what I'd get out of it would just be the $5 off. Then I came across an ad that mentions the DVD would be included with the pre-order purchase, so I went ahead and pre-ordered. I was aware that most of the ads just stated a $5 dollars off, but I saw somewhere else mention the end-of-season DVD, too. Am I remembering wrong? Was there ever an ad that stated the DVD would be included?

So do I need to pre-order again after JP becomes availbable to get the DVD? Because my current pre-order is being refunded, right?

BTW Tales on Monkey Island rocked!!!
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