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Needed - Background Artist for 'Carnival of Monkey Island'

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Sorry for posting this in 'General Chat', but I'm afraid it mightn't be noticed by many if it is posted in the 'Tales of Monkey Island General Discussion' section.

I'm just posting here to see if any of the great artists here on the TTG forums are interested on working on our (mainly OzzieMonkey's) fan game - 'Carnival of Monkey Island'. Now, we're looking for someone who is quite competent and who can also, to some degree, emulate the style of Bill Tiller. We already have one major background artists - blackbat - who is responsible for these:

image image

We're looking for somebody who can create artworks of a similar style; who can emulate Bill Tiller's cartoony, exaggerated style of art. Well, this would be preferred anyway, just so that we can have a sense of consistency from background to background.

Anybody who is willing, feel free to come forward. I promise we won't work you too hard :D; this is quite a casual project. Thanks.
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