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Worst Levels You've Ever Encountered

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In almost every game (mostly action or platformer games) there's always that one level that we dislike, hate or absolutely despise. It's the one that thought was crap upon our first playthrough, and it's the one we dread upon each replay. It might have caused you immense frustration and made you tear out your hair, it might have seemed almost impossible, it might have been one of those levels that presents a problem that seems to have no solution whatsoever, it might have been poorly designed, it might have been annoying, or you might've just plain not liked it for your own personal reasons. For whatever reason it may be, we all have levels that we hate and wish never existed.

So share your tales of frustration here, tear your least favourite levels to shreds, nitpick, explain why these levels were so terrible, and criticize and abuse the designers of said levels (whoever they may be).
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  • There's this one level with Team Chaotix in Sonic Heroes that I just couldn't pass, no matter how hard I tried...
    it's been a long time though. Maybe I could kick it's ass now if I wanted to.
  • Pretty much the entireity of The Library from Halo, which is to say the levels both before and after the reveal of The Flood. The same rooms copy-pasted countless times with the same enemies doing the same things over and over again. This is not good gameplay, this is just pure laziness on the developers part.

    The Water Temple of OoT may have had its problems, but at least it was interesting. It wasn't the same boxy corridor repeated endlessly for about 2 hours.


    Other levels that get the middle finger are the Meat Circus from Psychonauts for just being so god-damn hard, the original Donkey Kong in Donkey Kong 64 for being murderously difficult compared to the rest of the game, the Microscope puzzle from The 7th Guest for being impossible (and not even giving you anything for actually beating it!), every single level as Big the Cat from Sonic Adventure, Canary Mary's races from Banjo-Tooie, the two crystal hunting levels from Ratchet & Clank 2 and the race against Hilary in GTA Vice City.
  • The problem I had with Donkey Kong was how extensive the searches were for extra pieces, doodads and gizmos to progress. I found it a cheap way to extend the game's length.
  • I dislike DK64 as a whole because it's just one long collectathon, and I like a little more depth than that in my games, but being forced to play the original DK was such a massive middle finger that I had to mention it.
  • Sumotori Dreams is possibly the worst game ever made, but its hillarious to watch the robots stumble around like drunks, i never have laughed so hard in my entire life after playing this, it simply kicks ass...
  • Darth Marsden;494555 said:
    I dislike DK64 as a whole because it's just one long collectathon
    That's the reason I didn't like this game much as well.
  • See collecting was cool in Mario 64 because you had a discernible end with clues. Rare took obscure collecting and made it its own genre
  • image

    Especially in two player mode. Ugh.
  • Battletoads was the embodiment of BS.
  • Every sewer level ever made.

    Every shoehorned in stealth level ever made.

    Every escort level ever made.
    Remolay;494429 said:
    I'll be seriouser when I get home from school
    I think you should stay at school and brush up on your grammar.


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