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I don't get the pricing here

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This just popped up on Steam and was the first I'd heard of it, but I've liked most of Telltale's stuff. Checking it out it seems to be a $3, year-old Iphone game they're now selling for $10 on PC? How does that make sense?
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  • They've increased the resolution (+$15) and decreased the sound quality (-$8) :)
  • Because they had to work with strandalooper, and since telltale published it and not actually make it. I think strandalooper decided on the price.
  • Thanks for the info on pricing. I would have never looked into this without your hint.
    It really seems irrational to take 3 times the price of the IPhone version for PC. I'll wait for a sale and a reasonable price.
  • It's not irrational, that's what happens whenever any game gets ported to a different format. It may be a year old iphone game but it's a brand new PC game.
  • I have to agree with the OP. The markup in price from the original ipod release seems unjustified.

    I will pick it up, but i will wait till its cheaper.
  • I think I pick it up, when all 3 episodes are available in a set. ;)
  • Same. 10 bucks per episode, is a bit too much.
  • If I'd known the iPhone version existed, I might not have picked it up for PC/Mac to be honest :(

    Well if it helps anyone else, it's $9 (-10%) on Steam, which includes both versions.
  • Well, there's also the "playing it on a system that doesn't have a 45 minute gaming battery life" fee.
  • Hello,

    I just completed First episode and here is what i have to say.

    First off i bought it via steam it's full price is €9.99 but with 10 % of discount it cost €8.99.
    The thing is that this first episode is way too short for €8.99 even Poker Night at the Inventory i spent more time playing it and that game costs only €3.99.
    And now when i saw final cut scene movie it shoved that next episode will come out in Fall? Are you really serious? I dont want to spend another 9.99 euros just for another short episode. Either you lower price of this game or make it much longer than this. Actually just look at this from different side Episode 2 should be free for those who bought it via steam because it's to expensive. I had my laughs but it's just not worth €10.

    Thanks for reading.
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