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Does Hector Run in widescreen?

posted by gamerguy007 on - last edited - Viewed by 744 users
I noticed when i get the game set on 1920x1080 it still has bars on the right and left of the screen and when i run the opening its got bars on all sides of the game. is the game meant to play in fullscreen instead of widescreen.
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  • It's a port from an Iphone's meant to be played in full screen.
  • Just because you play in a widescreen resolution doesn't mean its not fullscreen... It has no widescreen support which means, that you get black borders with a 16:9 resolution. If it would have widescreen support, you wouldn't get the borders.
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    Looks like it doesn't quite fill the screen in 4:3 (1.33), 16:10 (1.6) or 16:9 (1.78). It's pretty close on my 16:10 screen though. I'm guessing the game runs in the same aspect ratio as the iPhone screen, 1.5.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Yeah its the aspect of the iPhone screen, as that's the aspect ratio at which Strandlooper drew all the art, cutscenes, etc.
  • Is the aspect of our monitors gonna be taken into consideration for future episodes I wonder
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    Then why make the trailer in 16:9? Even in-game scenes shown in the trailer were cropped to fit in a 16:9 frame, while never telling anywhere that the game wouldn't be 16:9 like in the trailer, having left and right black bars in a 16:9 screen :mad:
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