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Missing the Spray Paint?

posted by itssas83 on - last edited - Viewed by 1.6K users
hey guys, just gave the mints to the ravers but the spray paint can disappeared or something. Been stuck on this for an hour now, finally resorted to walkthroughs and they are all saying it should be right in front of the statue but theres nothing.

maybe a bug or something?
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  • yup, must just be a glitch, dont walk off the screen or theres a chance it may not come back i guess, i started over and it was there
  • A spray paint related problem occured to me too.
    I clicked on it and the game crashed. No mouse pointer available, animation in loop. I hardquitted the game (CTRL+ALT+CANC) and reloaded.
    When I reloaded, I discovered the game had been saved AFTER I "picked up" the spray paint, except... I didn't!!!! The end result was that I could continue playing "as if" I had the spray paint, but there was no such a thing in my inventory. Dead end.
    Had to replay the whole game, because of the automatic save system (GRRRR...).

    Telltale techs, please recheck the whole "spray paint" game logic, there must be something broken.
  • same exact thing happened to me saved the game lost the spray is there a fix or should i go all over the game again
    i kinda finished every thing els
  • Telltale has a rather bad track record when it comes to releasing bugfixes. Don't hold your breath for one. Because you'll die.
  • I just had the exact same problem. Bugged out when I picked up the can and now its gone and I dont have it :(
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    i didnot even see it
  • That happens to me in all episodes Hector 1-3, as items change on the item bar, I see one item and the others are blank even though they are there. I just put my mouse arrow over the blank areas to see what the text says that it is.
  • Damn it, it just happened to me, any way to edit my save?

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