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Where can I find more adventure games?

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I got Sam&Max: Hit The Road when i was about 10 or 11, and have been loving the series and patiently waiting a new arrival ever since. I always read on fan forums about a game being in the works, then the project being canceled by Lucas Arts. Needless to say I was super excited to find out it was released on telltale, and even more excited to see there is more gameplay, as its a continually running series! I really hope this game continues for many seasons, adventure games are so hard to come by now... i used to pop in the Secret Of Monkey Island every once in a while, but can no longer find my copy...and my floppy copies of the original monkey island are long gone, along with the rest of the "LucasArts Classic Games Pack". I bet that box along with the floppy copies would be worth something... at least sentimental value to the times when adventure games reigned, and there was good humor and fun in gaming :P.

Are there any new adventure games out? Anything worth checking out, even if they're "old"?


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