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  • Sorry to totally shoot your idea down, but I really don't like that idea. I really enjoy playing through all the episode in basically one go, and I'm sure other people do to. If this idea was put in to place, we wouldn't be able to this. The way it is now, you can still do what you want to do and we can do what we want to do.

    Also, I'm an impatient person. I'm literally jumping up and down in excitement (well, not literally) for episode two, and when it comes I am going to devour it. If I get to the end of the first bit I'm going to be thinking "ohhh, I need more Sam & Max now!". Which leads me on to my next point quite nicely...

    ...Ice Station Santa lasted for around four or five hours. If you want to release it in four parts, that's around one hour a week, which really isn't much. As soon as you've got into the game, it'll be over, leaving an impression of "oh, was that it?" and although you may think your idea will expand the length of the game, I think it will make it appear much shorter.

    Finally, the episodes are like they are because it is meant to be like television shows. If you're tucking into an episode of say, Lost, and at the end of act 1 it said "come back next week for act 2!" you wouldn't think highly of it. I think that people would much prefer to sit down for four acts in one sitting for a month.

    Like I said, sorry to shoot your idea down, and I hope what I said made sense - I'm not good at long (edit: I've just seen that this post isn't really very long :D), explanation posts.
  • Sorry, but that would be really boring
  • The idea has merit, but I have to join in with the collective voice that this is not really the best idea for Sam & Max.

    These games are short, and rightfully so; I really enjoy the shorter but monthly (more or less) release schedule for Sam & Max. The episodes are so packed full of little tidbits to go back and explore for as well. Each episode really gives me more than a months worth of off and on play. A weekly schedule would make me feel a little more rushed to finish so I was ready for the next week, where as with the monthly releases, I can blow through the story and then spend some lazy afternoons goofing around and enjoying all the little jokes and asides I would have otherwise missed.

    And let us face it, most, if not all of us are just glad to have more Sam & Max on our gaming buffet. And I am more than happy with the way Telltale has handled things. Season two has just begun, but I already salivate for Seasons three, four, five, and beyond!
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    Dangerzone;49307 said:
    i find myself playing an act of the game, then saving and getting off for a while (or till the next day) and then playing the next act, and i keep doing this for each act till i finish... this is because i like to really go over the game and make sure i did not miss anything before i "put it away" so to speak... and going through the whole game in this manner all in one playthrough is enough to drive even me mad
    As you already said, it's your choice to break the game into chunks and play a little at a time. It sounds to me as if you simply can't stop yourself from devouring the game whole and essentially want Telltale to force you to.

    That said, while I can see where you're coming from, the episodes are already very short. Breaking them down into even shorter segments would likely frustrate more people than it would please.
  • xChri5x;49412 said:
    Episodic episodes?
    LOL, why was that moment so funny i wonder ^___^
  • my god no.. id rather have a 2-3 month wait and expanded episodes if anything
  • I'd rather wait 13 years after Sam & Max has been canceled for a new company to come along and revive the license in an updated format...

    oh, wait...
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