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  • Totally agree with you there, dialogue is flat and boring. Also, puzzles are yet again way, way, way too easy. I mean could we at least get some challenges for a change? By that I mean that puzzles are very predictable and they don't require you to think much.
    The times you get stuck it's generally because of a hot spot you didn't mouse over the first time you explored an area. Once you have all the facts and the complete overview, you know exactly what to do and the puzzles are solved instantly. Honestly...TTG can do so much better.

    Overall the episode is one of the least entertaining ones, fixing Doc's love life is not the most brilliant story concept. Personally I was bored out of my skull playing this, and it was mostly due to boring dialogue that I had to sift through, and I was put off by the voice acting by most characters... except for Chris Lloyd. He's great of course, but I just never got into the actual game world, I felt. Not the same way I have been with Sam & Max and Monkey Island. Sound and voices really did seem way out of synch in places and it did put a damper on the atmosphere.

    It has just gotten so bland...it saddens me. Telltale had the opportunity to take a brilliant franchise like Back to the Future and make it into something truly spectacular, but all they made was a second-rate product, doomed to be inhabiting the $5 discount bin of your local obscure retail outlet in 2 years time.

    Well I'm sorry I can't give you a more positive review. Other people might have something positive to say, but I just can't.
  • Jennifer was barely in it which is fine, she was featured quite a bit in the 3rd episode.
  • I liked this episode as a matter of fact. But the fight between Emmett and Marty broke my heart a little. And then Young Doc starts to hate Marty.
    Everything is just starting to take a dark tone, and suddenly the probablility of an Happy Ending is not that high.

    Anyway, I hope the real doc will be featured at some point.
  • 1 problem...it ended too soon...nice BTTF ride reference.
    It is the shortest ep in my opinion. I hope the last one is way longer...at least story wise.

    Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed it.
  • If Telltale wanted us to feel bad about changing Doc's life. They succeeded.
  • Where was the BttF The Ride reference? I must have missed it.

    Great episode. It started a little slow but I thought the 2nd half of the story was great. It really did a nice job mimicking the emotional tone of the movies imo, particularly BttF 3. I love the fact that Biff isn't the main antagonist anymore. By the 3rd episode, the last battle between Marty and Biff after Biff breaks free from his mind-control felt really forced, so this was nice to have a Biff break. The conflict between Doc and Marty is much more interesting than the usual 'Biff being evil' is.

    The puzzles were generally fairly easily, but there were a couple that had me stumped for a bit. The controls were also still a bit wonky, particularly in Young Doc's lab.

    Can't wait to see the conclusion.
  • Spykes;496545 said:
    Where was the BttF The Ride reference? I must have missed it.

    One of the dioramas at the expo.
  • ALV910;496551 said:
    One of the dioramas at the expo.
    Oh ya, with the T-Rex and the Volcano.
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