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Episode 4, Green light.

posted by Javelin on - last edited - Viewed by 2.5K users
Ok, so I'm waiting for the light to turn green on the gizmo in the Delorean for the second time so I can turn that cleanser into acid... I've been waiting for a while now, talking to everyone, going to Emett's and back and nothing seems to work. I already made a new punchcard and gave the photo album and diamond to Trixie, what am I missing here? D:
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  • Did you already place the cleanser in the DeLorean? Take it out, go to Emmett's lab, return to the square and it should be back on.
  • I've already tried doing that, still not working. Young Doc did say something about his missing spray though, but that was before I gave the diamond to Trixie. I'm kind of afraid I broke the game by doing things in the wrong order...
  • Have you completed Trixie's objective? If you haven't, do that before checking the DeLorean. If you have, I suggest simply saving and reloading the game.
  • It shouldn't be possible to break the game. I completed the Trixie stuff and the mind mapping first though. Just leaving the screen and coming back worked fine.
  • Mission accomplished. Restarted the game from scratch and everything worked just fine, still don't know what it was I exactly triggered (or failed to trigger the last time). Oh well.
  • This happened to me also but I restarted then did it in a different order and it still will not go green a second time.

    please help, how did everyone else do it.
  • Same problem here as well. I aged it once but light won't turn green again. I've done everything else needed to be done up to this point. Just need it green!!
  • This was the part I got stuck on for a bit. Basically you have to collect the items for Trixie before the light goes green again.
  • Go back to the lab and then back to the high school again
  • I've got both the Diamond and the Photo Album for Trixie, and I have been back to the lab (With the spray in and not in the Delorean) but the light still won't go green!

    Any ideas?

    EDIT: Ok I was being stupid. After 1st spraying the caveman I didn't know the fur would come off. The fur actually comes off after the 1st spray, give it to Trixie, goto the lab, come back, the light should now be green!
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