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Stuck in Episode 4

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With the mind map.

I understand you need to mix the emotions, but I cant seem to get passed the liar.

Can anyone help with what reactions need to be with what picture.
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  • ...Nah, still can't figure this mood-swinging puzzle out. I get everything that needs to be done, from the valve to the cakes and the generator, but the use of the slides is confusing me. The punchcard doesn't get printed out until you've gone through all the slides, so how can they really have an impact on his mood when you have to look at 'em all anyway? Unless you can get the card to print out some other way? Or am I missing something else? Question mark? :p

    This is the first puzzle I've come across for the whole season that frustrated me enough to look for a solution before figuring it out. I'm just certain that I'm missing something that should be plain to see...

    EDIT: Moments after I write it, I figure it out! If anyone else is stuck, just be patient. Perhaps finish what you've started in another area... :)
  • Can someone share where the diamond and fur is? I should of told Doc the Delorean was green after the fact I had the cleanser, but now since I have, it seems as though I am waiting foooooorever for it to come green. Talked to everybody in the expo. Any tips?

    ***Edit: If you want a hint where to find the diamond, it's either in the "past" or "future". If you'd like one for the fur, the "past" or "future" might not have a need of it***

    Solved the issue where the green light isn't green... If you have the cleanser in the Delorean already, take it out, go back to Emmett in the lab and he will then tell you it is missing. Then, go back to the Delorean and it will be green. Not sure if you have to have all of Trixie's stuff out of the way, but I did that before it went green.
  • I can not figure out where the Jacob's ladder is? Can anyone help with that?
  • I wonder why "Jacob's ladder" in the hints is on there when there is none..unless they mean in as an expression?
  • jacob's ladder is song of Huey Lewis and the News but also cant figure what do in games with that....

    in mind test, i get hooligan for emmett... almost get it....
  • get it...
    this is right emotions for every slides:
    - first slide (Edna): negative - you must turn to red bulb light
    - click on Slide Advancer
    - second slide: positive - you must turn to green bulb light
    - click on Slide Advancer
    - third slide: negative - you must turn to red bulb light
    - click on Slide Advancer
    - four slide: positive - you must turn to green bulb light
    - click on Slide Advancer
    - fifth slide: positive - leave green (or you must turn to green bulb light)
    - click on Slide Advancer and you get Degenerate Criminal card
  • Chappps;496469 said:
    look at the pictures and do what you would think the opposite reaction is.

    for example

    edna: you want her to be bad.

    cop: you want to be bad.

    john wilkes booth: you want to be good.

    Have the same problem!
    But the light always switches to yellow before i can get the needed reaction!
    Do I have go get Emmet in the right mood BEFORE oder AFTER I switch the photos?!?
    And do I have to wait untill this stupid record stops playing every time?!?

    Great Scott! This is no fun to play! :mad:
  • you do it after. Don't worry about when you switch the photos. Just remember, you need to do 2 negatives or 2 positives before you switch to the next photo.
  • Huh? Two? :confused:
    Why two???

    How did you figure that out?
  • 'That is how the game wants it to work.
    Two times is what the hints in the game said.

    To get the reaction you want.
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