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Err Eppy 4, In the past, is the clocktower statues wrong??

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Hey this maybe the gfx or just my imagination, I know in the future the clock tower statues looked like Einstein (The dogs) but in the past... its the same ones. Now I maybe wrong, and dont rem from the movie right.. but I dont recall the statues being dogs. Without loading up the past eppies or so, Am I mistaken, are the statues in eppy 4 past supposed to be the dogs? Just looks like Einstein to me.
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  • ...I can't believe I didn't notice that till now, but you're absolutely right. In 1955 they were some sort of tiger-like reason to think they'd be any different in 1931.
  • The ropes suggest that the Einstein statues were just recently added to the courthouse. Perhaps they're one of the changes that occurred because of the new timeline. After all, a lot can happen in two months. I don't know how Judge Brown was convinced to add them, but it's clear that Emmett got his way.

    After the destruction of the old courthouse, I imagine that the statues would have been salvaged for use on the new one.
  • I guess the Einstein statues are going to be the games Lone Pines Mall/Eastwood Ravine.
  • Yeah in the first game there's no statues and somewhere or other there's blurb about adding statues to make it grander.
    Statues of einstein end up being choosen cuz or our meddling (indirectly) instead of the gargoyle like ones we saw in 1955 and 1985/86 (true timeline).
    ep4 sorts this out anyway thou what with use destroying them lol
  • oberlerchner123;497101 said:
    I guess the Einstein statues are going to be the games Lone Pines Mall/Eastwood Ravine.
    My theory is, that they will be replaced with lions shortly after the events in episode 4. The Einsteins fell down, Doc isn't interested in the court house any longer, and probably someone else in charge thinks that lions would be a good replacement.
    On the other hand, the Einsteins seems to be still in good condition, so it's quite possible that they are used again, when the cornice is repaired.
  • The Einsteins were probably Edna's idea since she hates dogs so much and since she's the girlfriend of Hill Valley's hero, they went along with it.

    Also...I think the chunks being knocked out of the ledge might be why the ledge is smaller in the movies?
  • Just watching BTTF, noticed something here that makes me think that the "inaccuracies" of the courthouse might have been totally on purpose. The statues first were of dogs that looked suspiciously like Einstein. Considering that Edna was spearheading the idea of getting statues mounted on either side of the clockface, she would've picked something that she felt would "inspire" (read: terrify) citizens. In her case, dogs. Now, it could be that the statues on the courthouse were damaged or destroyed prior to 1955, which certainly seems to be the case now as they were both knocked off. Or someone suggested that lions or whatever would work better. Another thing was the ledge itself. It extends too far out. Now, we've learned that Emmett went up there sometimes to think, to be alone. However, he's nearly killed that way. Perhaps he did that in the original timeline, someone decided that the only way to keep that from happening would be to reduce the size of the ledge to keep anyone from being dumb enough to climb out there. This would also explain Doc's reticence as he climbed out on the ledge.

    I've outlined where the Einstein statues were, where the lions are going to be, and where the ledge SHOULD end by 1955.
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