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Fan game: Tales of Monkey Island: In Search of "Season 2"

posted by Edward VanHelgen on - last edited - Viewed by 1.9K users

Well isn't that a cool logo or what? TAKE THAT FAN-GAME HATERS!!! Well, that's about the only thing we've got so far...

Wait... what the hell is this?

Welcome to yet-another overly-ambitious fan-game that will never see the ligh.. uh... that is going to ROCK YOUR SOCKS OFF! What's the idea? Inspired by the popular Season 2 thread, Tales of Monkey Island: In Search of "Season 2" should be about jesting around making a serious game to make the waiting for imminent Season 2 easier. And once we show to Telltale that we're capable of making this game, they won't have the choice but to make another season of Tales of Monkey Island!!! *mad scientist's hand rubbing* BWAHAHAHAHA...


It's 10 years after Obi-Wan met Qui-Gon Jinn ... No, wait, that's another one. Ok, so - Deep in the Caribbean... Guybrush is told that he must find Sequel Island. Once there, he'll have to search for the mysterious and powerfull artefact known only as - "Season 2"! *thunders*

What we've got so far:

Graphics: 0%
Animations: 0%
Voices: 0%
Script: 0%
Story: What i said above is pretty much it.
Logo: 95% (HA!)
Music: 0%

No, wait - i've got the theme! It needs a little work but since i've got the idea for the game this morning...

In Search of "Season 2" Theme

Oh yeah, i've got this awesome concept art also:


What do we need:

Background artists, animators, programmers, writers, voice actors, composers... yes, pretty much everything. I just hope to get all of that and take the whole glory for myself, since i... err.. made the logo?

Ok, seriously now:

I thought to do it in AGS, in classic 2D hand-drawn style but that will depend on programmers and artist and i'm fine with all ideas you got. I know many talented people here on forums and if some of you could join, i think we'll get a blockbuster. Yes, even better than other fan-games around (TAKE THAT "RIDDLES OF MONKEY ISLAND"!!!).

Ok guys, so if you think you can help in any way please do. If you have any ideas, sketches, voice samples, music pieces, character designs... post it here, and if we can make a team we'll further discuss into game design, script and all of that.
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  • ok i can help out with :

    Plot: Helped with a few fan games in the past with some of the writing.Can write a few parts, Cannot be main writer though

    Programming: Programmed with Ags countless times.Used it for about 4 years now. can program the whole thing if you can't find anymore programmers.

    Voice Actor: Can voice act very brief characters.
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    i could be a good voice actor
  • With all due respect... isn't there already a fangame being made?
    I support your ideas, but I must add this: Why don't we all team up and work on the already-in-development fangame?

    I can ask the chief-in-command to see if it's ok to bring new recruits, if you want to join, of course.
    We could always use more voice actors and musicians, not to mention artists!
  • theres a lot of fan games in development (curse of monkey island old school edition, monkey island behind the scenes,) Doesn't mean we can't make another one.
  • While that is true, I'd rather have one finished fan game than twenty that will never be released.

    EDIT: Of course, that logo IS pretty impressive.
  • Sounds very interesting! But Silver is right, maybe you could offer your help on the Carnival of Monkey Island fan-game. It's progressing extremly well, and it's gonna be fantastic!

    But if you say "Screw those guys, I'm so awesome I once killed a Dragon... with my face!" well then, I can help with script corrections and voice acting. I can also do a little music composing but it's not really my area so why not get Andrei instead? :p
  • Trenchfoot wrote: »
    "Screw those guys, I'm so awesome I once killed a Dragon... with my face!"

    Best. Line. Ever.
    Permission to use it in the near future?
    why not get Andrei instead? :p

    I appreciate the thought but there already are so many projects on my mind right now.

    I REALLY need to finish the musical compositions for LOTR Parody. After that, I'll have more time for Kauff and the webcomic and my site and my super-secret announcement that I will talk about tomorrow...on my site... :D

    The good thing about me is that I actually start many projects at once AND finish them. It just takes time and good people. :)
  • Best. Line. Ever.
    Permission to use it in the near future?

    Sure, no problem!
  • ignore the haters. Lets make this game
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    i will help, i can do some voice acting, i am really good
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