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Well what would you know?

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Hey turns out it is a bone game. Full credit to all those people guessing it 6 months ago .
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  • bone eh.... well lets wait and see on this one I guess. I don't really know much about this bone thing. too bad it wasn't dott2 or something. Question is how long are we going to have to wait for it. Q3 maybe?
  • > too bad it wasn't dott2

    With all due respect, it was NEVER going to be a LucasArts property.

    I'd never even heard of Bone prior to the speculation thread(s) way back when, and then I followed the link from the Telltale Community page.

    And personally I love the idea of a 'fresh' adventure game, rather than rehashing pre-used characters from older games. It also lessens the weight of expectation from the older game's fanbase.

    From what I saw, the settings and characters in BONE shoul make for a wonderful Adventure series.

    So, Telltale, we got some sort of timeframe yet? 2005?
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    all i have to say is "sweet!!!"
  • I'm excited! Now I've got one more reason to get right into reading that complete Bone graphic novel book that I've put off starting.
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    Hi :) Im kinda new here, first post I think... But I try to visit often, for I am a huge fan of adventure games, like all of you... :))

    Enyway, its not a surprise for me that the new license game is not a new MI or S&M or something like that.. i dont think we'll see one of these in the near future (nor far...)... But still. I never heard of this Bone dude, can anyone spill some info? Im really interestred in telltale new game... My expectations are high... I want a new adventure game already :((
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    Woohoo! I can't wait! Haven't read the comics (I don't think they're very well-known here in Europe, where French and Belgian comics dominate) but I visited Boneville and it all looks very interesting.

    Besides, I never heard of Sam and Max before that game came out either ;)

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    Man, I haven't read the Bone comics in a loooong time...but I'm looking forward to this game! Bone definitely has the opportunity to turn into a great adventure game. :)
  • "I never heard of this Bone dude, can anyone spill some info?"
    Bone is a series of comics books, that, as far as I know, were released as graphic novels (not syndicated in newspaper). You can go here at to preview some of the first few pages of volume one to get a look at what Bone is like.
  • I never heard of this Bone dude, can anyone spill some info? :((
    This is the best place to start;
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    I had already bought & read the "Bone One Volume Edition" I found on
    I think it's perfect for an epic and humorous adventure game: great characters, complex and dramatic plot, tenderness, intrigue, funny one-liners and a LOTR-like wonderland. :D
    The perfect way to kick off a company. ;)
    Keep up the good work, TellTale!
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