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What's Mr. Purcell Doing?

posted by Falanca on - last edited - Viewed by 1.7K users
So here we are, in between seasons. It's almost TOO clear that there are no plans of a fourth season at the moment. So, what's Steve doing? Is he there at the office? You keep him there sitting? Is he with you there?

Hey Steve! How are you, my man! How you doin? What do you think of Dreamworks' Puss in Boots movie? Those guys are ridicilous, am I right? Could you rate me on how I look? I took on my best pose just for my main man!
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  • GuruGuru214;492746 said:
    That's because they're an animation studio. That's like saying that McDonald's should start serving pizza because they've never done it before. It doesn't make sense.
    It does NOT MAKE SENSE.

  • dreamworks only makes shitty movies now
  • GuruGuru214;492746 said:
    That's like saying that McDonald's should start serving pizza because they've never done it before. It doesn't make sense.
    Oh really?

  • WarpSpeed;493995 said:
    Oh really?

    Oh god. This is a sign of the apocalypse. No doubt about it.
  • WarpSpeed;493995 said:
    Oh really?

    You have no idea how long I spent trying to think up a simile that didn't make sense in the same way as Pixar making a live action movie. And you just ruined it. I hope you're happy.
  • RAnthonyMahan;464240 said:
    They want to prove that animation is art, and that you can feel for a cartoon character just as much as you can a live actor.
    I think they can fly the "Mission Accomplished" banner after the first 10 minutes of UP. I've yet to talk to anyone who didn't at least get watery eyes from that.

    For the record I loved Cars, not their best work but it was still damned good in my book. I still, however, wish they'd have refrained from making a second one. Same with Monster's Inc (as I'm hearing rumors about a second one) the first one ended very cleanly. The monsters switch to using laughter as a power source and in the end Sully gets the ability to see Boo again. Everybody wins, no need for a sequel.
  • There probably wasn't a need for a sequel to Toy Story either but those turned out pretty good. It's like Pixar says, if the story needs telling, they'll do it.
  • They're actually going to do a Monsters, Inc. prequel about Mike and Sully meeting in college.

    Kind of weird, but at least they won't try putting anything after the first movie's ending.
  • Jake;463714 said:
    Since Telltale started, Steve's day job has been at Pixar. That's where he probably is most of the time to this very day. And/or he's kept in storage in the mystery space bonus office hidden in the back of our real office.
    God I hate Pixar, I hate them so very very much. But that's to be expected of someone literally raised on dark comedies with swearing, dick jokes, gay jokes, funny violence, & other vulgarities.

    Anyway, I've been to his Sam & Max blog & he would occasionally say stuff about still trying to rerelease the old unfinished/canceled games that were worked on prior to TellTale taking over the reigns as well as pondering over ideas for Sam & Max merchandise.

    You know, it would probably get him a little amped up if more people would visit & leave comments:
  • ^
    pixar is using a little more edgy humor these days.
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