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Ep 202 Sam and Max Stuck on log in screen

posted by asutnrgirl on - last edited - Viewed by 403 users
I am so excited about playing episode 202, however, I can't. Every time I try to play it gets stuck on the "Please wait, logging you in" screen. I can't even launch the game. Help!:confused:
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  • That's odd... try this to remove your saved login info (it's trying to log you in automatically):

    Go to the start menu, choose 'Run', type 'regedit', and click OK

    On the left, browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Telltale Games and delete the 'Launcher' folder from within that. Then when you start it up, it should let you use your serial number instead.

    It sounds like maybe a firewall program is holding up the login request indefinitely. Normally, it should either succeed, fail, or timeout within a second or two.
  • Ok I actually got to log in now, however it says internal error, and then something about scripts and continuing to run them, then it wont launch the game
  • No problems for me this time, btw Doug, although I did get the standard IE message asking me allow the launcher to access (in?)secure content a couple of times. It couldn't access the community content, but apart from that I'm all activated and playing on my desktop PC.
  • There is no launcher file when I follow your directions
  • It sounds like it's hanging even before it tries to login then. Are you running any internet security or firewall software that might interfere with things? Also, were you able to play 201 correctly?
  • I'm actually having the same issue, sounds like-- it just sits at the "Please wait, logging you in.." screen (201 played fine, no launcher folder in my registry). No firewall blocking outgoing connections, either.
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