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Review Thread (spoilers) - Hector Episode 1: We Negotiate with Terrorists

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Well played through it and my first thought is that this is obnoxious but not in a funny way.

The humor,story, and Hector himself almost made me stop playing the puzzles are ridiculously easy, and you telltale fans might be saying so was BTTF....

Yes but BTTF had a good story and funny humor to compensate for the lack of difficult puzzles.

This game is just pure annoyance and should have stayed on the app store.
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  • Like it. Fun game. It's short but the puzzles were fine. While still a bit on the easy side i think the difficulty is much more than in any other TellTale Game. There are no obvious hints and it requieres a good bit of exploration.
    The main problem with the difficulty in Hector, is like some have said, the linear display of puzzles.
    But overall, very good game.

    edit: Oh, and the addition of subtitles in the cutscenes is something it should be checked if possible for the next chapters.
  • I think it's you who is trying too hard. I get it if you don't like this kind of crude humor, but saying it is "laden with oestrogen" it's absurdly funny. I assume you never play a Larry game either.

    You don't have to give so many excuses for don't liking it, or reassure your manhood, we get it. In fact i think nobody is surprised by your reaction, im sure they were expecting things like that.
    The whole condom puzzle is cleverly put at the begining to act as a filter, and in the most grose setting. People who r ok with it go on, the others just quit right at the start without losing too much time in a game they don't dig.

    And you didn't get the condom joke quite right. He is not "proudly announcing" the size. He is surprised by the size (giving you the idea it's not his) so he quickly tries to revert the situation. I would not say "proudly" but embarassing.
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    Ignatius;499799 said:
    I get it if you don't like this kind of crude humor
    I thought I made it clear that I did. But nevermind.
  • Absolutely loved it. I'm not so uptight when it comes to humor as I enjoy the mindlessly raunchy along with more clever humor like in xkcd, so that certainly helps. Sometimes you need to adjust your mind to take the tongue in cheek, well, tongue in cheek. And regardless of how you may feel about it overall, there really isn't anything else quite like it coming out these days which is a shame. So I am certainly pleased to have this series. And as mentioned by others, it really took me back to the old days of the absurd and bizarre adventure games I played growing up as a child. Just...grimier. Love ya Hector, and I can't wait to see you again later this year.
  • Some of the humor was a little over the top for me, but thumbs up to the Doctor Who references.
  • Wow, this game was bad. The engine is annoying, the puzzles are stupid, and the jokes are only rarely funny. There's crude humor, and then there's HA HA LOOK SEX! SEX!!! SEX IS FUNNY, RIGHT? I'm glad I only payed $2.50 for it, and I'm not sure I got my money's worth at that price. If this were developed by Telltale, I'd be really disappointed. As it is, though, I just know that Straandlooper has a long way to go.
  • I reviewed it here:

    @Ffleming Remember, you've another two episodes in the series. There's a lot of British humour in the game- watch the UK version of Life on Mars and then play the game
  • I was expecting a little more from this episode. In hindsight, I think I overhyped it and set myself up for a let down. The puzzles were certainly imaginative to say the least but I didn't find myself overly challenged with any of them. I finished the episode fairly quickly and I was left feeling unsatisfied.

    Coming from someone who likes adult humor as much as the next person, I found the crude jokes to be a little over the top and I agree with the notion that it appeared to be 'trying too hard'.

    Was it the worst game I've played? No.
    Would I pay more than $2.50 for it? No.
    Was it a good time-killer? Yes.
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