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Tracking My Game

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Hold me accountable to finishing at least the background resources ok?

These are the first four sketches centering on the beginning village. They're all edge enhanced and without any line cleanup or color, so if they super rough, it's because this is the first stage of it.




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  • DAISHI;451803 said:

    This is me dreaming about an end product.
    DAISHI;451815 said:

    I also dream of pirates.
    you seem to be on the right path, but I think you have to work on thicker lines for the characters, look at how your character got completely lost in the MI3 screenshot and lost all its features making him unrecognizable.
    Look how Guybrush, even on that very low quality screenshot is well defined and you can still see all his details.
  • Yeah. There's a couple of things going on there. When the images are pared down to a non native resolution and then pared back up, they lose definition in the lines. Though there are some lines that do need an honest thickening up. However, when you see the characters before a size compromise, the lining looks thick.

    I guess my final decision on which to touch up will come down to what they look like in a native resolution background.
  • image

    Old room in back, new room in front with added arches, different perspective. Still rough because I need to clean up lines and pen marks, but the papers higher quality and transfers without so much jaggedness. Then off to color!
  • Once again, it's really nice to see you at work. It would be very nice to see something like this finished for once.
  • doodo!;526232 said:
    Once again, it's really nice to see you at work. It would be very nice to see something like this finished for once.
    Hehehe... hehe...hehehe...
    image Shhhhh
  • The tough thing is the backgrounds. I've got all the music and characters ready to go. These backgrounds just need doing.
  • You got a fan audience mate. It's a massive undertaking, pull it off and you got rep coming your way. Not to say you deserve glory above others without your abilities, but for your own merit, this is quite an impressive thing to do all on your own, even when these are your abilities. This is a big project you took on.

    Can't wait to see this finished!
  • image

    Hopefully this illustrates the art direction at the moment. When I first did my backgrounds they were off the cuff and just whatever I imagined. I'm trying to take time to make them feel more alive. Specifically here, drew the camera back, made the tower wall less bland by adding additional structures, dotted the country with brush, trees including limb in the foreground. Also because of the scale, it will make the characters seem to be dwarfed by the size of the building before them.
  • Strange enough I get more of a Broken Sword vibe now.
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