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Worst Levels You've Ever Encountered

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In almost every game (mostly action or platformer games) there's always that one level that we dislike, hate or absolutely despise. It's the one that thought was crap upon our first playthrough, and it's the one we dread upon each replay. It might have caused you immense frustration and made you tear out your hair, it might have seemed almost impossible, it might have been one of those levels that presents a problem that seems to have no solution whatsoever, it might have been poorly designed, it might have been annoying, or you might've just plain not liked it for your own personal reasons. For whatever reason it may be, we all have levels that we hate and wish never existed.

So share your tales of frustration here, tear your least favourite levels to shreds, nitpick, explain why these levels were so terrible, and criticize and abuse the designers of said levels (whoever they may be).
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  • waroftheworlds01;497044 said:
    Stuntman took me forever...but in the end I was like "YEEAAHHH!! THat's right!!! I finished Stuntman!!! SUCK ON THAT!!!"
    Haha, I felt exactly the same. Completing Stuntman ranks slightly behind my unlocking of the White Angel car on Ridge Racer Revolution for the Playstation. What follows is my favourite gaming experience ever...

    To get said car you first had to master the main three tracks (novice, intermediate and hard) by getting to 1st place on all of them. Then you had to do the same for the same trio of tracks, only this time the tracks are mirrored / reversed. Then you must come first for five of the tracks in time trial mode. This may not sound like much but trust me, to get that far you had to master this game and race a perfect (and I mean perfect) lap every time. On the later stages, you race against incredibly tough opponents. Even then, the greatest challenge still awaits...

    And boy, is it ever a soul destroying son of a bitch! You must race the hardest track (reversed-hard) and again race with nothing short of spot on laps every time. Except this time, your opponent is the fabled White Angel car. This particular metal beast is exceptionally faster than your own car (in terms of acceleration and top speed), the A.I. is also faultless in terms of its ability to keep to the most scientificly precise and perfect racing line possible.

    So, how do you beat this Black Devil in sheeps clothing? Well, the thing is that if your opponent gets in front of your car at all then you're entirely screwed as it will be impossible to catch back up and this is where the game gives you your miniscule opportunity to succeed; you start out in 1st place on the starting grid! So basically you have to race the perfect race on the hardest track whilst simultaneously keeping a constant eye on your rear view mirror to block the White Angel from overtaking. Which is precisely what he'll try to do; overtake you, with great aggression, every few seconds.

    Any woman who claims that men can't multitask clearly have never seen a man beat the White Angel car on Ridge Racer Revolution.

    It might be car featured on the box art but only the devoted few would ever get to race against it, let alone drive it.[/CENTER]

    I don't know that I'll ever have the patience to ever give that much devotion, blood, sweat and tears to a game again these days but I certainly don't regret doing so. Some time after all of this, I remember seeing a game cheat device code that enabled users to unlock the White Angel car straight from the off. At first I felt angry that other gamers should get for free what I had worked so hard for but then I realised that it had always been about the experience of earning that car. Those cheaters would never gain the experience that I had, there's no cheat code that can give you that.

    Then there was the three months I spent completing Final Fantasy VIII with all characters maxed out at level 100, 9999HP, but that's another story...
  • DK64 bug racing. HATED IT!
  • Ridge racer as a whole I dislike.
  • Definitely the sewer level on Dark Forces. A shame, since the rest of the game was so great :). That level actual made me physically ill from frustration!
  • GuybrushWilco;499774 said:
    Definitely the sewer level on Dark Forces. A shame, since the rest of the game was so great :). That level actual made me physically ill from frustration!
    Haha I just hated fighting the stupid sewer monsters.
  • Scnew;498721 said:
    I thought of another one.


    The original Ninja Turtles game is frustrating all over the place, but the dam level just sucks. It's not impossible or anything, it's just that it's timed, it's completely different from the rest of the game, no reasonable amount of practice can get you through unscathed, and it's just not fun.
    I think for a lot of people, myself included, this was basically the final level of the game. After beating it you got a nice cut scene, and then were dumped into a massive difficult city section with no idea what to do. I can't imagine too many people continuing the game much past the dam.

    The dam itself though I don't think is all that hard. Yea you're gonna get hurt, but no big deal. The level will apparently be parodied in the upcoming Retro City Rampage.
  • JuntMonkey;499788 said:
    The dam itself though I don't think is all that hard. Yea you're gonna get hurt, but no big deal.
    Speak for yourself. I had that game and the dam level was a real pain. It's the kind of level that the the Game Genie was created for.
  • Yeah the dam level weakened my turtles and left them victim to a directionless city stage.
  • I don't know if this count's as a level, but, it definitely pisses me off:

    Communication Tower A
    -Metal Gear Solid
  • ^
    It's not that hard.
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