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Well what would you know?

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Hey turns out it is a bone game. Full credit to all those people guessing it 6 months ago .
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  • Hmm... i liked sam and max, monkey islands , maniac mansions etc because they were over crazy.

    bone does not look crazy (only judging from covert and few pages i ve seen) ... it s cute (reminds me casper), but that s not my kind of thing :(

    we shall see...
    Maybe you should read the comic books to get a better idea than one screen shot.

    Anyway, not everyone has to like every game. And hopefully DANK the caveman will be appearing in a Telltale game sometime. Does he appear crazy enough and non-cute enough for you?

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    WOOHOO! :D

    I love Bone, got the One Volume thing as soon as it came out. I first read it in the library a long time ago and finally got to read the rest recently. :)

    Go TellTale Games!!!!

    "Can we have it in a quiche?!? *drool*"
  • I sure hope dank isn't in a game. that comic pisses me off
  • I sure hope dank isn't in a game. that comic pisses me off
    Uhh. The guy's all over the site, so it's a pretty safe bet he'll be in a game at some time. But you certainly don't have to buy it / play it / like it.


    I think it could be a wonderful premise for a game, personally.

    What pisses you off about the comic anyway?
  • What pisses you off about the comic anyway?
    I can't speak for Alucard, but I think it might be because, unfortunately, the Dank comic strip is not funny at all. Plus, the panels for the comic were the same as the previous one.

    However, I'm sure if Dank were a character in a game made by Telltale, it would be more humorous, and I'd love to play that game. Maybe there is a reason why the comic strip is unfunny at the moment (there's only been two so far), such as they prefer the "philosophical" approach. But I can't think of a good reason that they would use the same panels for both strips. It's kind of disappointing.

    Of course, by "they", I guess I just mean the artist/writer. I just don't see the strip as being a company effort.
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    Yay! I'm really excited about this -- the the point that I've actually had two nightmares in the past few months in which Telltale announced the game and it *wasn't* Bone. (Yes, I know, I'm crazy. Or at least my subconscious is. I'm not responsible for the strange images it flashes at me in my sleep, right? Right?)

    I'm also proud to have been the first person on the internet (as far as I could find) to guess what the game was going to be.

    Anyway, Telltale, expectations are high, at least from this corner. Good luck!
  • nice job on that YMH.

    I am so excited. I think I wet myself.
  • well the comic wasn't even remotely funny. not only was it not funny it made no apparent sense and then to reuse the first one again and change around the text was lame.
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    Damn it!! I sooooo thought that the big secret was going to be Sam & Max 2!!!'s just a little dissapointing...
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    I know everyone had high hopes, but I don't understand why some people thought it would be Sam & Max. Obviously the license and junk hasn't been straightend out yet. Remember the whole Bird Brain episode?

    And on the Dank comic : Clearly these arent the same panels. The newer comic is about 3 pixels narrower than the first comic. And don't be hatin' on Dank. Inventor cavemen are a minority you know. He could easily call anything a hate crime.

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