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Worst Levels You've Ever Encountered

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In almost every game (mostly action or platformer games) there's always that one level that we dislike, hate or absolutely despise. It's the one that thought was crap upon our first playthrough, and it's the one we dread upon each replay. It might have caused you immense frustration and made you tear out your hair, it might have seemed almost impossible, it might have been one of those levels that presents a problem that seems to have no solution whatsoever, it might have been poorly designed, it might have been annoying, or you might've just plain not liked it for your own personal reasons. For whatever reason it may be, we all have levels that we hate and wish never existed.

So share your tales of frustration here, tear your least favourite levels to shreds, nitpick, explain why these levels were so terrible, and criticize and abuse the designers of said levels (whoever they may be).
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  • I keep thinking of more.


    The Oculus in World of Warcraft. Now let me say first that I don't think the Oculus to be all that complex or difficult to master. It's really pretty simple. The basic idea is that you ride around on dragons of varying colors and abilities instead of just doing the same stuff you do normally. Each dragon only has three abilities so it's really not that tough to get a handle on... However, I'd guess a good 90% of the people that play WoW are total idiots, which means you're likely to get stuck with 4 people in your party who can't understand this freakin' place no matter how hard they try. It got to the point that Blizzard had to nerf everything in the Oculus even long after people out-geared the dungeon, and then also add in special incentives to get people to stick it out when they wound up with Oculus as their random dungeon.
  • The-J23;499926 said:
    I don't know if this count's as a level, but, it definitely pisses me off:

    Communication Tower A
    -Metal Gear Solid
    Is that the same section I mentioned earlier?
    Davies;496539 said:
    ...the stair well level and the last boss on Metal Gear Solid under the 'hard' setting.
  • Just going to brag here that the Babel Fish puzzle from the Hitchhiker's Guide text game, which is frequently cited as the most insane and difficult puzzle ever, I found to be a piece of cake. I guess it's ostensibly difficult if you just look at the overall solution, but it's a very simple step-by-step logical process to actually solve it.
  • Davies;500310 said:
    Is that the same section I mentioned earlier?
    Oh, I guess you did.

    I didn't see it, I guess I accidentally skipped page 3.
  • The-J23;500595 said:
    Oh, I guess you did.

    I didn't see it, I guess I accidentally skipped page 3.
    Yeah right, just like you didn't accidentally gaze at page 3 of "The Sun".
  • I didn't!

    Mind you, there was nothing on there today except a bit about the McCanns and how losing Madeline was so horrific. Oh wait, I guess that did mean I glanced it. DAMN!

    Worst level? The penultimate one in Streets of Rage 2. The second section of Stage 7, the bit with the lift. If you're playing on Hardcore (and I was), it's a freakin' nightmare. So many enemies dealing so much damage... I was save-scumming so much it was unbelievable. Lord knows how I maintained my sanity.
  • Davies;500742 said:
    Yeah right, just like you didn't accidentally gaze at page 3 of "The Sun".
    What are you implying, my good sir?
  • The-J23;500837 said:
    What are you implying, my good sir?
    That you are a porn merchant good Sir. Why do you deny what is closet to your very heart?

    *Ain't I a stinker?!*
  • Sorry to bring back a dead thread but i would actually like to add some levels that i really hated into this thread so anyway....

    Sly 2 Band of Thieves Episode 3 the predator awakes. This episode had the biggest amount of annoying missions and an extremely annoying hub which made it a pain to play.

    Jak & Daxter- a tie between the third hoverbike level and spider caves.
  • Monsoon and Armstrong boss levels on Metal Gear Rising.
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