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Stuck in Episode 4

posted by Chappps on - last edited - Viewed by 6.3K users
With the mind map.

I understand you need to mix the emotions, but I cant seem to get passed the liar.

Can anyone help with what reactions need to be with what picture.
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  • aguitarinvasion;497429 said:
    Video to help minor spoiler
    Thanks for posting that YouTube video... that REALLY helped! :)
  • What am I supposed to to in this lab? I don't understand this part. Any help please?
  • aguitarinvasion;497429 said:
    Video to help minor spoiler
    Thanks a lot for posting the video! The puzzle was really annoying, didn't manage to solve it myself, tried it for at least 2 hours and got crazy! Not to speak of how long it took for me to find out where the slide advancer is (hiding behind the bloody stew pot, it can't be seen there, damn!). Though I still don't understand how I should had managed to find out the trick with the mind map making all alone, honestly, there is no sense in that puzzle for me ...

    The video is indeed the only right solution and this whole thread wasn't very helpful, I'm afraid. It was obvious that all you have to do is provoke a negative reaction (red light) when a slide was shown that was meant to provoke a positive reaction and otherwise.

    I just wanted to look up a quick but right hint here and finally found my answer in the video posted on youtube. Now I'll write down the one and only RIGHT solution for creating a new mind map for Emmett:

    Turn on the mind map machine, the picture of Edna appears,
    - use generator,
    - open valve on fishtank,
    turn the next slide, the picture of the Lincoln murderer,
    - open lid of stew pot t w i c e,
    turn the next slide, picture of Officer Parker,
    - use generator,
    - give Emmet one algae cake,
    turn the next slide, picture of another Tannen,
    - open lid of stew pot,
    turn the next slide, picture of a child,
    - open the valve on fishtank,
    - use generator,
    turn the next slide, picture of Trixie Trotter,
    - turn on the record player.
    Press the button for the slides again, now the mind map machine will break down and the mind map printer produces a new mind map for Emmett.

    Hope this short description helps other desperate gamers like me, who just showed up here in this forum for a QUICK and PROPER solution and then have to click through several wrong threads, what is really annoying!

    By the way, any gamers and BTTF fans from Germany online here? :)

    *Pardon my English, I'm still learning.*
  • For each slide, it doesn't matter /which/ of the positive/negative reaction stimulants you use, just adjust until the light on Emmet's helmet goes green or red, and then advance to the next slide.

    Positive reactions: Stew, Music (both persist)
    Negative reactions: Bacteria Tank (persists), Generator, Algae Cake

    The two smells will neutralise each other.

    You can keep trying with new memory maps until you get it right, and then the machine short circuits so you can't do it again.

    My first try I got Emmet's card to read "Layabout", the second time I got it right :)
  • This puzzle really sucked.

    Getting the light on his helmet to light up red, then green, then red etc didn't work for me.

    It only worked when I did certain things twice.

    And why is the slide switch almost hidden, and the exit trigger thrown in the middle just to get in the way?

    That puzzle section of the game made no sense, and was poorly designed.
  • The previous lab puzzle was amazing. This one was frustrating, but thanks for the tips.

    Solved it eventually!!!
  • hey can you just post the entire walkthrough?
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    mwardie;499338 said:
    hey can you just post the entire walkthrough?
    Episode 4 walkthrough is here.
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