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Jp 4

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Listen i know that there have been a whole lot of rumors about JP4 but i was reading up on it and jp stated that Joe Johnston would start jp 4 after his movie "Captain America," and i just saw previews for it in theatres so i hope JP4 willstart production. The reason i started this form was so i could know what your thought was about JP4 and maybe your thoughts about what u want it to be about:D
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  • If they made it a good movie, unlike the unraveling feces it became in two to three, I'd be interested in a 4.
  • I think they should do another movie. I'm still dissapointed by the third, it was a B-movie, but it wasn't a B-franchise at all. They should do a worthy final of the series, it's just a pity it ended with the third.

    I don't want a reboot, and I'm not sure the audience will accept it with the "Jurassic Park" name on it. I think it should deal with the further consequences of the island. There was very little talk in the books of animals leaving the island and appearing on the coast of Costa Rica. I think that's the best way to continue the series. And there are still a lot of great things in the Crichton books they didn't use.
  • i read in game informer that Jurassic park 4 is in production already its just in "production hell" so this game was suppose to jump start JP again
  • I bet they're waiting to see how well the game sells first before thinking of doing a movie. They already put the comics and toys out.
  • The Jurassic Park franchise seemed dead, until recently. There has been comics and toys, and now this fabulous game. I'd like to say we're in a Jurassic Park "resurrection." Not to mention all the dinosaur related things that will be popping up for the next couple years (ex. Terra Nova, Walking With Dinosaurs movie) so I think JP4 is more likely to happen now than ever before.

    And I actually don't mind Joe Johnston directing the film. He is perfectly capable of making a JP film. It's Kathleen Kennedy and David Koepp that ruined JP. All the things that went wrong in JP3 were all ideas that they had, Johnston just made the wrong decision in choosing those ideas. I know that Spielberg will most likely not want to to the 4th film, so Johnston is our best shot.

    What would I want in JP4? I've had a few ideas for the fourth film, but my best idea is a prequel that involves Hurricane Clarissa and Isla Sorna. I won't give any information becuase I've been working on a fan script for some time now, and I want it shrouded in mystery until I finish.

    There are two things that are a must for JP4 though:
    1. Lewis Dodgson.
    2. Carnotaurus.
  • If i remember correctly didnt Hammond mention something about some sort of park in kenya in the movie????

    Why not explore that aspect and elaborate that out a bit.
  • nagasadow;500264 said:
    If i remember correctly didnt Hammond mention something about some sort of park in kenya in the movie????

    Why not explore that aspect and elaborate that out a bit.
    Yes, but it's not a "dinosaur" park nor anything special. I think it was a typical safari/animal zoo of sorts.
  • i wouldn´t mind if the 4th movie would go back to isla nublar, because i like it much more than Sorna.
  • TheHandyking;500282 said:
    i wouldn´t mind if the 4th movie would go back to isla nublar, because i like it much more than Sorna.
    Thank You. Same here, and i want the original cast plus some new people.
  • jpark_08;498726 said:
    It`s clear Universal has zero interest in resurrecting Jurassic Park just for one film. It`s too risky of an investment, especially for a 20 year old franchise.

    A new trilogy, however, shows lots of promise financially and Universal knows this. The only problem is the story. The writers just dont have any material strong enough to support the longterm, and that is where the problem lies. Not whether or not they can make a sequel, but how can they make several sequels, with lasting appeal.
    personally (and all of you have heard my thoughts on this a thousand times) ingen should send a team back to nublar to investigate the malfunctions and such ( if they believe all the dinosaurs just broke out and all at once no less then they are really thick) after supposed investigation, they collect all hard drives of all the computers on site A, after finning through them, nedry's dioloauge with the dock worker is discovered and an investigation of the worker's information traces him back to biosyn industries, InGen brings this to the attention of the board of directors and to the united states supreme court (ingen is based in san diego its U.S juristdiction) after a lengthy court battle Ingen is found victorius and Biosyn is required to pay InGen a massive fee of 14 billion dollars, this is used to bail ingen out of the ever lingering chapter 11 status there company has been apart of since the san diego incident. (the next half of the film would focus on InGen's New ceo tim murphy rebuilding isla nublar with the use of a portable electric fence permimeter around the visitor center where workers begin to restore it and work their way out ward. armed mercenaries and a hunting party are dispatched to tranquilize and capture native dinosaurs out side of the visitor center safety zone. they found that the nublar dinosaurs were too breeding as was the case on isla sorna and numerous nests were destroyed and certian eggs collected. after the party was dispatched the now much larger velociraptor pack was hunted down with the use of armored safari vehicles and killed for the saftey of the workers. the animals were kept in large cages in camps out side of the saftey zone (much like in TLW) while the new fencing is put in place and old fencing repaired. after a bulk of the dinosaurs are captured with only a few stargleing species evading capture, the dinosaurs are tranquilized and nutered through the removal of the amphibian like sexual organs they had inherited. the repairs would take two to three years and ingen would have more than enough money left by their biosyn rivals to rebuild at record speeds. the park would open after an on site inspection by the U.S government. this evaluation is sucessfull but Jurassic park is now required to have a skeleton crew of wardens (instead of one) armed to the teeth to be able to take down or kill any dinosaur on the park scheduel. after all species were captured they were released into new enclosures under the watchful eye of armed guards. and jurassic park finally opens to the public. tim then hires alan grant as a paleontological advisor to judge the feasability of housing certian species and to study their habits and behavior for the national paleontological society with the help of billy brenan.

    from there i would make the other episodes about new exhibits and the new found problems with running a prehistoric zoo perhaps the introduction of a new aquatic exhibit in the island's interior) or possibly the retreval of dinosaurs, documents and materials from the still destroyed Site B or even alan and billy's discoveries with newly added dinosaur species. (sarchasuchus imperator?) or (ornitholestes) ? well thats my take on it. tell me what you think.
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