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Mind map

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Anyone past the part with the mind mapping care to shed some light on the matter as to how to make him the not so model citizen
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  • Run the test, in Edna's eyes make light green for bad things (Booth), red for good things (Edna). Just hover mouse pointer over picture if you aren't sure who it's a picture of.
  • Shouldn't it be Green for Good and Red for Bad?
  • So is there a pattern for the mind map? Whatever I try the mind map doesn't print out.
  • No, you want reverse of what Edna eyes of model. Trying to make him a "Degenerate Criminal".

    As for the pattern there are two switches, slide and run test, you run the test, you use other stuff in lab to make green/red as needed for picture, you hit slide for next slide picture. Then you make green/red again. When at the end of all the slides, it prints.
  • the order you need is

    bad edna
    good booth
    bad officer parker
    good tannen
    bad baby
    good trixie

    red lights for the bad algie cakes, fish tank valve, generator/jacobs ladder

    green light for the good stew and record player.

    the switch will burn out once you've got the correct mind map
  • I'm stuck on it it too; it looks like his mood is supposed to come up after he sees the pictures not before. :confused: This correct?
  • You can click on the picture that's projected on the wall and Marty will say whether it's a negative or postive according to how Edna thinks, so make Emmett react the opposite of that. The machine records the mood he is currently in for the currently displayed image only when the slide advance button is pushed, so you have all the time you need.
  • guys its red green red green red green.
    Not that hard.
    Music/stew for green
    everything else for red.
  • How is this so confusing? The game tells you every detail that you need to complete this part. Before you start the slideshow, interact with all of the objects in the lab to see what reaction they cause on Emmet. After that, start the slideshow, and click on the image to see what reaction you're supposed to get. Use the objects in the lab to get those reactions. Pretty simple.
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