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Name just ONE true worth while achievement goal of the human race

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Name one truly worth while thing we done as a race. Name ONE, then I'll believe that we truly comprehend anything.
Something that would go beyond argument, something that's certain? One thing, name just one thing we've done as a whole that actually benefits the rest of the universe or ties into some sort of worth while purpose, or shows a true comprehension, understanding of true value...

To me, it's all Earth bound nonsense, and it's all debate-able, and it all leads to violence, and greed, lust, personal profits, delusions, or rhetoric to prescribe value where we underachieve any true worth while goals as a race...
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  • There's a Star Trek episode in which the Klingons see and immediately blow up the Voyager. Target practice.

    And the Golden Record isn't our only attempt at communication, it is merely our first. It is hardly the most effective, and if any message is received and played by extraterrestrials, my bets are not on the Voyager's Golden Disc.
  • Arcade machines.

    Theeeeeerrreee ssssoooooo beeeaaauuuutttiiiiifffuuuuullll....
  • We've amounted to so much, yet also so very little. Look at the bigger picture. We only make discoveries based on funding, businesses, profits. How much more could we learn in more open/ diverse fields of research? At the top of the food chain, human life has no purpose, it survives.

    No war of the worlds, yet we blow each other up, war against neighboring countries. We're violent, destructive. You propose that self perseverance is a purpose, yet we are all at the same level, all human beings and we can't get along. We can't work together. Most things are structured on business, money, profit. We go on living, extend our time on earth, without even truly valuing our lives with which with in discoveries can be made. We limit our selves to research labs a small small staff or people in comparision. Small in who could of been interested, who could of been helpful in the next great big discoveries of the world.

    Before, also part of the picture, some of the most brilliant minds, denied education, major break throughs driven right around. Then we ask ourselves in a almost infinite sea of variables how could the human being best discover these things, cures, inventions, discoveries, we don't know the best process, all we know is what we've been doing... But we choose the path ultimately that limits us, that delays our time out, slowly creeps us along into these discoveries.

    The planet has billions of people on it...Yet, we're all starving, the richer getting richer, the poorer getting poorer, billions of dollars into debt. Research strangled at it's very neck...

    Children all around the world facing these diseases without any cure, and the majority of this knowledge going to waste where it can not be afforded or understood by billions of other people on earth who with some education might advance this "knowledge" light years ahead of its time, who if could afford it, could survive...

    Or are we really just this hopeless? There's billions of us here on Earth with the potential to change the world.

    We're the top of the food chain and yet we struggle just to survive against our selves!
  • Oh right, with stuff about starvation and poverty, were you meaning true achievements as in big evils that have been completely overcome?

    In which case, we got rid of smallpox.
  • We don't truly comprehend anything, not a single absolute thing. When we love, we don't know how to live to our fullest. Though we believe that we do, we don't fully comprehend what it would mean to love, because we're flawed. When we think that we've achieved anything, all we've achieved is a goal that we can label, and measure, test based on what limited observations we've learned to make, limited knowledge we've learned to observe, we don't understand how it ties into everything else, we don't assess all the variables, we can't read into the future and see how our actions, goals, wills, truly effect anything. We have a total lack of perception into anything we do.

    We don't comprehend the best processes, the right way to do ANYTHING. We don't know how to love best, truly, we love yet we still rage wars, support the death of 1000s, abuse little animals, nothing we do is pure in infinite in the value of the universe, everything we label is falsehood!

    If not falsehood truly incomplete! We have not achieved anything, all we've done is discovered things within our own limitations that we will never escape, expand because we have structured our selves within our own limitations, ignorance, and naivety ,delusions!

    How can we prescribe true value and merit to any discoveries when we don't truly know how they are best suited beyond a human comprehension? We are a weak, meager race, humble before science or a God. We're a young race of intelligence and we know NOTHING. We base all value on measurements we are able to make.

    Tell me one worth while thing we've truly done! How can any one determine whether or not? We prescribe the value of our own achievements based on what we're able to discover within our own limitations which as a race we ultimately have not over come. We have had the same flaws, imperfections for 1000s of years!

    Even our facts are simple measurements without any truly designated purpose. Math, science, to what end? What have we achieved? What is possible, what have we observed, learned, how have we applied it. What are we missing what have we missed? What were we able to measure, comprehend? What don't we know that could help us measure more properties, what don't we know that could help us make more discoveries, new measurements?
  • Just as an aside, even if the human race had done nothing worthwhile (which is in the eye of the beholder)... so what? We exist. That is all.
  • doodo!;500680 said:
    Name one truly worth while thing we done as a race.
    I'm surprised to be the first to bring this up: I'd like to stress that (taking your proposition in good faith, i.e. assuming you're not referring only to your own ethnicity), humanity (i.e. homo sapiens sapiens) is a species, not a race. "Human race" really shivers me timbers, bringing memories of the worst of our "achievements"...
    Rather Dashing;500685 said:
    Your question is rigged. Name something truly worthwhile, but nothing is worthwhile because it's only worthwhile by our own earth-bound standards.
    Silverwolfpet;500692 said:

    some people are actually capable of it...
    And this.
    DAISHI;500698 said:
    Portal 2.
    And this.
    Icedhope;500700 said:
    And this.
    DAISHI;500702 said:

    Aaaaand this.

    Also, hugs and reciprocal care are not a bit bad either.

    Also, more in general, all of the efforts to counter and balance our own aforementioned worst achievements... Remember all the people involved against suffering and hunger and whatnot, all the ones who mends and repair what others wound and broke...

    They're all more "work in progress" than "stable results", but I don't think they are worthless.
  • The internet. There's something for everyone on there. Don't like the content? Moan about it to complete strangers on another part of it!
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