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Well what would you know?

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Hey turns out it is a bone game. Full credit to all those people guessing it 6 months ago .
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  • Oh, I don't HATE Dank :) . I just had slightly higher expectations. I'm sure it'll get better.
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    i hope that the second Dank comic will be better
  • Damn it!! I sooooo thought that the big secret was going to be Sam & Max 2!!!'s just a little dissapointing...
    Telltale revealed quite a while back in an interview that their first licensed game would NOT be Sam & Max, but that they will be attempting to get the rights in the future (when they revert from LucasArts back to Steve Purcell) - so there is stil hope...
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    I think the Dank Comic needs a bit of insensitive, no boundary voice of the people kind of humor pasted all over it. How about some Political disobedience , or a bad ass attitude.
  • Yeah, or fart jokes! Don't forget those.
  • well the comic wasn't even remotely funny. not only was it not funny it made no apparent sense and then to reuse the first one again and change around the text was lame.
    I don't really get people who say it had no sense.

    It took me a good minute to figure out the first one, but the way I read it, it was witty. I read it as "ever feel like evolution passed you by?" is a double meaning thingie. meaning that evolution obviously has come longer for us than for him, plus that the mouse pointer just passed him by for you to translate what he says, thus evolution in the image of a mouse pointer passed him by. i thought that was great.

    i'll agree that the new one didn't make much sense for me, but i'm sure everything will be explained. you can't judge a comic from two panels. well, i guess you can, but i don't think that's fair.
  • I'd say they actually did make sense to me in some ways. Personally, I was only judging those two, not any future ones. As far as the second one, "Sporadic thought is trickier than it looks", well, I can agree, if he's talking about coming up with something funny or interesting to say. It still hasn't made me laugh, though. But if it's not supposed to be funny, then that's fine, too (but in a way, it kind of is, that a caveman would be having intelligent thoughts like that). So you're right. Two strips is not enough to get a good idea as to what Dank is all about.

    I still wish it were funny, though.
  • "Sporadic thought is trickier than it looks" ?

    where is that quote from?
  • "Sporadic thought is trickier than it looks" ?

    where is that quote from?

    Hmmm... I think you may have missed a key feature about the online Dank comic. I didn't notice it myself until someone commented on the first one about "mouse over humor." If you put your mouse curser over the text bubble that Dank says, it translates "hon hon pook", into "Sporadic thought istricker than it looks". And in the first comic, he says, "ponn ponn hok", which it translates to "You ever get the sense that evolution passed you by?"
  • The 3rd Dank comic is now up, and you'll all be pleased to learn has all-new panels (and no rollover feature).

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