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Your Telltale support issue has been received [issue-47489]

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... but no response since. copied here - please help!

subject: Order #600091511025971- again

Dear Support,

after a few (unanswered) queries, my order finally shipped on March 9. It hasn't arrived since, and the package tracking system reports that my tracking number (LN12 1367 420U S) is invalid. Please help!

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  • Dear Telltale,

    this is starting to get really outrageous. I've ordered a bunch of stuff in mid-Dec (5 months ago!), then it took 3 months to start the delivery due to a backorder issue. Now it's been on the way for 2 months. In the meantime, no matter how many messages I sent to the support E-mail address or to the forum, I didn't get a single response. Is it possible to get a response before I start demanding my money back? I really hope so...

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