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Old monkey island games before tales?

posted by ZerosTheWizard on - last edited - Viewed by 2.7K users
Hi everyone, i tried to search if this had already been asked, but this forums search gives me a headache >< so i browsed a bit and didnt see anything, anyway..

This is probably pretty obvious, but about how important is it to play the older monkey island games before playing tales?

I recently tried the tales demo and I really liked it and was thinking of buying it, but then i realized i should probably play the others first, so i just wanted to know if it was all that important, are they best played in order or do they each stand alone as their game/story?

Secret of MI and MI2 look fairly easy to get if so, but curse and escape look kind of expensive to get >< would skipping those two matter too much?
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  • Well... in a nutshell:

    It helps to play the previous games just to get the gist of Monkey Island and some of the inside jokes that's thrown around in Tales, but you could probably play without playing the previous games. I recommend that you play the other games anyways just because they're fun and it's Monkey Island. Luckily there are the two special editions already out if you want to play the previous games.
  • Kinda what i figured, and i do want to play the old ones, its mostly just curse and escape that are a bit out of reach for me at the moment.
  • You could try Amazon or Ebay... I heard odd stories of people finding Escape and Curse there.
  • ooh, thank you, that worked. I had checked amazon before but the listing i found had them really expensive even for used ones, but i just checked again and there are other listings that are more in my price range :D
  • Yes, but the original 2 games are different than the second 2. Don't judge the entire series by the first two games. I enjoy all the games, my brother HATES 1 and 2 and didn't want to play the rest of the series but loved Tales and MI 3.

    He hasn't played the fourth game yet.
  • You will have the opportunity to see how characters develop over time and how the story can take very odd and awesome turns. It really is an unpredictable series.
    Have fun! :D

    Oh, and I recommend trying the special editions for 1 and 2. It will help you get used quicker with the characters and overall tone. :)
  • Special Editions are probably the way to go, unless you're a purist like me and desire to search original copies just for fun. I've played the original versions, I sought the out, but I don't have to play them specifically...
  • Play Escape first, it's the best one
  • thin029;503143 said:
    Play Escape first, it's the best one
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