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  • I guess this means Ron will no longer be the "Visiting Professor of Monkeyology". :D
  • This is exciting news but I can't get too excited if they aren't making any straight adventure games. Most of the games they've made since leaving LucasArts have been well-written, though usually contain dumbed down gameplay that tries to balance action with rudimentary adventure gaming aspects and end up getting neither right. However, I'll try to keep an open mind until they reveal what they're actually up to.
  • I'm expecting to see The Miscreants of Onky Island and Onky Island 2: LaDuck's Revenge, and then Ron's Onky Island 3: The Miscreants Revealed.

    The main character would be Girlpen Fourpstone
  • Am I the only one who's disappointed with both Ron's AND Tim's latest projects (Psychonauts, Brutal Legend, DeathSpank) which are only good (well, great, actually) in terms of visual/audio design and stories (well... the latter one is concerning Psychonauts only) and are just plain boring as games? Truth be told, I don't expect much from this collaboration.
  • Psychonauts was great, Brütal Legend was decent, and Deathspank was fun.

    None of them excelled at gameplay to be honest, but the overall package made them worth it. Gameplay in Grim Fandango was suspect at times, and it suffered from bad controls (worse than EMI, actually, since EMI was an improved version), but that didn't stop it from being one of the greatest adventure games ever.

    It would be great to have spectacular gameplay as well, but seriously, how often do we get that nowadays anyway? Unique games with average gameplay is better than generic games with average gameplay.
  • StarEye;445202 said:
    Psychonauts was great ... and Deathspank was fun.
    I sure thought so.
  • StarEye;445202 said:
    Psychonauts was great, Brütal Legend was decent, and Deathspank was fun.
    I still wish they worked on finishing Penny Arcade Adventures instead of DeathSpank :/
  • I thought there was news towards the end of last year that Schafer was really really keen on developing the long-awaited psychonauts sequel.

    So if Ron's now at Double-fine I think we can expect miracles soon enough.
    Here's hoping for a Psychonauts sequel.
  • I'd rather have a totally new adventure game. Please!
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