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  • Faceslasher;491936 said:
    Fun Fact: This was the early concept of the Jurassic Park River Adventure!
    Considering you were part of a development team...

    1. You would by any chance happen to know if the model of the island in JP river adventure was an actual "blue sky" development plan?

    2.Why are there only 7-12 dinosaurs in the river adventure ride?

    3. Where is the can of Barbasol in the land? I keep hearing its there but have never been able to find it.
  • Ofnir;490499 said:
    Saw a thing on Discovery Channel this past year where some geneticist was doing that with chickens. They weren't allowing the eggs to get to a point where they were hatching, but he had the chicken embryos maturing with saurian traits (more dinosaur like head, teeth, Therapod-ish tail)
    I saw that to I was yes make them REAL!
  • Raptor Herder;489050 said:
    awe man that would be an awesome islands of adventure ride or universal studios i always walked past that giant 3d map of jurassic park in islands of adventure Orlando and on it was the scale model of the jeep safari ride and when i was little i used to ask my mom and dad oh man are they gonna make that ride too of course they didn't know but i still have my drawings of what i thought it was going to be like to bad they are not gonna make it after all :(

  • groucho983;498641 said:
    Considering you were part of a development team...

    1. You would by any chance happen to know if the model of the island in JP river adventure was an actual "blue sky" development plan?

    2.Why are there only 7-12 dinosaurs in the river adventure ride?

    3. Where is the can of Barbasol in the land? I keep hearing its there but have never been able to find it.
    1. That im not very close to. Universal Theme Park's CEO knows that. Never met the guy.

    2. Well there are only like 13 to 15 dinosaurs in the movie. Most were cut out due to its time. (Ride was established before JP3. Which had new dinosaurs)

    3. Barbasol can? Ah yea the prop. I really couldn't find it myself. Im guessing its gone(?) Or sold. I don't know. Was only there for a year.
  • ah well, was worth a shot, thanks....
  • I wasn't really a engineer. I was more of the repair man. Which is very close to Engineer. The JP ride breaks down easily.
  • Faceslasher;504872 said:
    I wasn't really a engineer. I was more of the repair man. Which is very close to Engineer. The JP ride breaks down easily.
    Yeah, I rode The Ride in Hollywood three times (in 1999, 2007 and 2008) and every time it broke down. It was pure chaos. The damn Raptors escaped from their cage, one of the Dilophosaurus was eating one of the tourists in its boat and the T-Rex faced me two times.:eek:

  • SpielbergFan;505033 said:
    Yeah, I rode The Ride in Hollywood three times (in 1999, 2007 and 2008) and every time it broke down. It was pure chaos. The damn Raptors escaped from their cage, one of the Dilophosaurus was eating one of the tourists in its boat and the T-Rex faced me two times.:eek:

    I remember when the ride broke down and the trex was dropping water all over the boat. It was a mess. But it got fixed easily (Generator failure)
  • I acctually wrote a fan-script for the jeep ride. I'd appreciate if you guys were to tell me what you think of it.

    The Jurassic Park tour vehicle moves forward, through a tunnel of dense foliage. RICHARD KILEY’s voice comes on while the tour vehicle approaches the Jurassic Park gate, the classic theme song playing.

    KILEY: You are now entering the lost world of the prehistoric past, a world of the most magnificent animals to ever walk the earth. A world of dinosaurs. On behalf of John Hammond; Welcome to Jurassic Park.

    The visitors get a glimpse of 2 Brachiosaurs and a herd of Parasaurolophus in a lake until foliage obstructs their view. It continues forward. (Similar to the scene in the movie.)

    KILEY: The first dinosaur on our tour is Dilophosaurus. One of the earliest carnivores we now know that Dilophosaurus was poisonous, spitting it’s venom at it’s prey causing blindness, and eventually paralysis, allowing the carnivore to eat at it’s leisure. This makes Dilophosaurus, a beautiful but deadly addition to Jurassic Park.

    A lone Dilophosaurus is visible to the right, standing on a rock, making the familiar hooting noise. It spreads it’s frill out, but it doesn’t rattle, it doesn’t scream, and most importantly, it doesn’t spit. The tour vehicle continues on through a curve in the road to the left is a lone Brachiosaurus, eating from a tree. (similar to the scene from the movie.) Behind it are two more Brachiosaurs, and the herd of Parasaurolophus in the lake.

    KILEY: The two dinosaurs you see together are the long necked Brachiosaurus, and the water loving Parasaurolophus. The two are together because of a symbiotic relationship which keeps the Parasaurs safe from predators, and helps the brachiosaurs find underwater plants. The parasaurs act as an early warning system, because of their good eye sight, and the Brachiosaurs keep the predators at bay, by intimidating approaching predators with their size, but of course we keep our carnivorous dinosaurs away from out herbivorous dinosaurs.

    The view of the dinosaurs is eventually obstructed by approaching foliage. There is another slight curve in the road to the right.

    KILEY: The next species on our tour is Gallimimus. Gallimimus is the second fastest dinosaur in the park and one of the fastest in Mesozoic era.

    The vehicle comes up to the paddock where the some of the dinosaurs are eating, some are drinking, and others are running

    KILEY: The Gallimimus in these fields are the ostirdges of the cretaceous period. Thanks to their bird like skeletal structure, these graceful animals can reach speeds of up to 43 MPH. They were also among the first dinosaurs to be cloned in Jurassic Park. The animals are Omnivorous, meaning they are able to eat both meat and plants, but prefer to casually eat plants, but their favorite “treat” is small insects, like grasshoppers.

    Continuing forward, the tour vehicle goes by a small waterfall connecting to a large stream, and goes underneath a low rise. When it gets to the other side the visitors in the vehicle, are greeted by an adult Maiasaurus, and a young Maiasaurus next to it.

    KILEY: Maiasaurus, the motherly dinosaur. It’s name literally means “Good Mother Lizard.” Despite none of the young ones being their own, they still care for them like their own, making Maiasaurus one of the most beloved dinosaurs in the park. Despite their frail appearance, these dinosaurs have a fairly durable frame, particularly in the skull, spine, and tail, and have exceptional vision.

    After moving on, the tour vehicle goes by a rock, which has to compys on it, fighting over a tossed Jurassic Park pop corn box. One below the rock is staring at a butterfly just barely out of it’s reach.

    KILEY: The small, green dinosaurs you might have been seeing are called Compsognathus. They serve as Jurassic Park’s natural clean up, and waste management crew, much like Dung Beatles are in African game trails, and nature preserves.

    The vehicle passes up the compys, and moves on to the Pachycephalosaurus paddock. Most of them are grazing. One of them rams the trunk of a tree and eats one of the many fruits that fell from the tree.

    KILEY: The heads on the Pachycephalosaurus is used for multiple purposes: Defense, blowing off steam, and sometimes even gathering food. It’s main use however, is domination for territory, or being matriarch of the herd. These dinosaurs are also extremely aggressive creatures, and very territorial even towards the trainers, and feeders. When still young however they’re quite playful, acting much like domesticated goats.

    The vehicle turns to the left and comes up to the Hypsilphodon and Othnielia paddock. At first there is nothing on the ground, but in the trees the Othnielia are resting. When the narration comes on the Hypsilphodons stick their heads out of the tall grass in curiosity.

    KILEY: The dinosaurs you see up in the trees are called Othnielia, and on the ground, are the Gazelles of the Jurassic era, Hypsilphodon. The Hypsilphodon are the first dinosaurs to ever utilize chewing back teeth. Othnielia, along with Hypsilphodon, travel not by walking, but by jumping. The reason for this is still unknown. Much of the facts for Hypsilphodon is true about Othnielia, which is the reason why we mixed the two together.

    Just as the tour vehicle leaves the paddock, there is the sound of the mooing of a cow in the distance. The tour vehicle comes up to a seemingly empty Paddock. The bushes start to rustle, and the screams of multiple dinosaurs is heard.

    KILEY: Despite their miniscule size compared to the larger carnivores in our park. Velociraptor is one of, if not the most dangerous animal in the entire park. Velociraptors are astonishing jumpers, and can reach cheetah speeds of- (the narration cuts off.)

    JP TECHNICIAN: Don’t worry; it’s just a hiccup in the power, to your vehicle.

    Out of nowhere, a Velociraptor jumps out of the foliage and tries to get at the vehicle. It jumps on the fence, and gets electrocuted. It falls down, snarls, and runs away.

    JP TECHNICIAN: Sorry about that. Anyways I’m getting power to your vehicle, and should come on right about-

    The power comes back on and the tour moves on.

    KILEY: Next stop on our tour is Ankylosaurus.

    When the vehicle gets to the Ankylosaurus paddock, the dinosaurs aren’t doing much of anything, mostly grazing.

    KILEY: This species of dinosaur is particularly lazy, because of it’s heavy armored platting. Even it’s eye lids are armored! However when they need to be active, they can be. Another reason Ankylosaurus is so sedentary is because it feels the need to conserve it’s energy, in case of a carnivore attack. The clubbed tale you see at on the dinosaur is actually it’s main line of defense, and is also used for blowing off steam much like the Pachycephalosaurus and it’s domed skull.

    After passing the Ankylosaur enclosure, the vehicle continues over to the next paddock. Nothing seems to be there.

    KILEY: Spinosaurus is one of the rarest dinosaurs in the world. It’s so rare in fact; Jurassic Park scientists thought that they had misclassified the species, but rest assured the dinosaur you see is in fact Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus. Spinosaurus is the largest carnivorous dinosaur in the park, and in the world. It is also semi-amphibious, much like Galapagos Iguanas. Other than that not much is known about Spinosaurus mainly because of it’s shy behavior.

    The Spinosaurus still doesn’t appear as the tour vehicle leaves. The tour vehicle approaches the next paddock. In the next paddock there are two Triceratops; an adult and, an infant, grazing next to each other.

    KILEY: The Triceratops in this enclosure, are one of the most recognizable dinosaurs in the park, and are one of the strongest herbivores. They are however, easily startled, because of their near sidedness, much like modern day Rhinos. In fact they’d ram the tour vehicle, if it wasn’t for the red, horizontal stripes on the sides of the car. Despite this the Triceratops are actually quite docile. They know the people who care for them, and even enjoy people’s company. They also often allow themselves to be petted… Next up on our tour is Tyrannosaurus Rex.

    The tour vehicle turns around a corner, when it clears the visitors see that the fence is destroyed. They then see that the Tyrannosaur is stepping on another Jurassic Park tour vehicle, roaring. (Similar to the scene in the movie.)

    JP TECHNICIAN: (Whispering) Nobody panic. We’re trying to get independent energy to your vehicle, to get you off the track, and back to the visitor’s center.

    The Tyrannosaur doesn’t seem to notice the car, but the car stops and then-

    KILEY: Tyrannosaurus Rex! The Tyrant Lizard King! ...

    The Tyrannosaur looks over, and spots the car. The Tyrannosaur starts to walk over toward the car. It lightly nudges the side of the car, slightly picking it up. It growls and stomps on the hood of the car, raising the back end of the car, shutting the narration off, and making lights go off inside the vehicle. When it takes it’s foot off the car, it rams the car with it’s nose, turning the car around.

    JP TECHNICIAN: Hang on! I’ve almost got power to your car!

    The Tyrannosaur hits the side of the car with it’s head, significantly tipping the car. Out of nowhere the lights come on.

    JP TECHNICIAN: Got it!

    The vehicle darts backward, avoiding the Tyrannosaur head. It looks toward the car, roars, and rams the front end of it. The car turns around and darts forward heading down another path. The occupants inside can hear the animal’s foot steps behind them, chasing them. The visitors then feel the back end of the vehicle go up. On the left side it’s head comes up. It then slams it’s head into the car, causing it to swerve a little. The car begins to pick up speed, and eventually the foot steps and roars from the T-Rex fade away. The car continues on at lower speeds. It then goes into a structure that is pitch black inside.

    JP TECHNICIAN: That was a close one. Right now you’re in an emergency garage, oh and sorry for the dark conditions. I’m gonna call for Jay, and we’ll get you out of there.

    It is dead silent inside. Until-

    Radio: Jay are you there? ... Jay? Jay, come in. We have people in the emergency garage. The T-Rex got out… Jay did you hear me? We have a Tyrannosaur loose! We need to get these people out of here.

    Lights on the both the back, left, and right side come on, illuminating the heads of a Dilophosaurus on each side. (One with a radio stuck in it’s teeth, the other with a torn up Jurassic Park uniform shirt in it’s mouth.) Both are making the familiar hooting noise. The front of the car suddenly goes down when the visitors realize there’s one on the hood of the car. It spreads it’s frill out, and starts to scream, rattling it’s frill. The other 2 do it as well. The car darts backward, throwing the Dilophosaur off the hood. The car speeds away and keeps going for awhile, until stopping at a Jurassic Park security building. On the second story floor on the left, is a Velociraptor, calling for the other raptors. It looks down at the tour vehicle below, and then jumps down. The head of the Raptor comes up on the right, which fogs the window when it exhales. (The Velociraptor on the building was a reflection.) In front of the car, a raptor jumps down, snarls at the car, runs toward it, jumps on the hood and tries to break the glass by head butting it, kicking it, est. The vehicle, then suddenly jumps down. The visitors look up at the bubble in the roof and realize that there is a raptor on the roof of the car. The first raptor on the right side starts ramming the side of the car. Another raptor on the left side starts doing the same. The tour vehicle finally moves forward, throwing the 2 raptors on the car off. The raptors then start chasing the car, two of them on both sides. At the front of the car, the Spinosaurus bursts though the trees, making the raptors break off from the car. The car turns hard to the right, and goes through the window of the building. It stops for awhile.

    JP TECHNICIAN: Everybody still breathing? Sorry about the evasive maneuvers, but hey at least you got away.

    Almost immediately after, The Spinosaurus bursts into the building and roars at the tour vehicle. The vehicle goes backwards through the hole it originally came through, the Spinosaurus following the car. The car stops suddenly, and hard. (It hit a tree.) It starts to move forward, but the Spinosaurus hits the car, causing it to slide and hit the tree again. It’s nose hits the back of the car pushing the back into a building. The vehicle goes forward, the Spinosaur’s claw catching the side of the car slightly. The Spinosaurus starts to chase the car. After a brief chase, the Spinosaurus catches the car, spinning it. It goes in reverse narrowly avoiding the Spinosaur’s foot. The car continues to go in reverse until going under a thick batch of trees. (Similar to the scene in the movie.) The car turns around, away from the Spinosaurus and heads forward.

    JP TECHNICIAN: Alight, it looks like you’re close to the visitors center. You’ll be back in a few minutes.

    Continuing on, all seems to be well. A Jurassic Park security Jeep is just up ahead. The tour vehicle stops next to the Jeep. A Velociraptor jumps up on the hood of the Jeep A few seconds later two more Velociraptors jump and cling onto the sides of the tour vehicle, plus one in the back. Just when the tour vehicle starts moving, the Velociraptor on the hood of the Jurassic Park Jeep jumps on the hood of the tour vehicle. All of the raptors are trying to break the glass, while the tour vehicle swerves to try and get the raptors off. The car hits a “ramp”, getting the car airborne, and also gets the raptors off. The car copes down hard.

    COMPUTER VOICE: Loss of communications.

    Slowly the car loses speed coming near a cliff, but stops before it goes over. There is a sudden push forward. The sounds of the Velociraptors are heard, and more pushes start. Slowly the raptors push the car off the cliff. With one final scream, and one final push, the raptors push the car down the cliff. The car hits trees while going down the cliff. Once over the car sits there motionless. A Velociraptor calls out to the others but is not seen. The pack of raptors come out of the trees and walks slowly toward the car. The raptors surround the car, growling and snarling at it. In the background, the trees start to rustle. The raptors look back at the trees. It’s the Spinosaurus. The Spinosaurus roars at the raptors and they run away. The Spinosaurus slowly walks toward the car, and it hits the front end of the car with it’s nose, partially picking the front end of it up. When the car goes back down, it then hits the side of the car. It then places it foot on the hood of the car, lifting the back end of the car, while the roof and the side of the car are getting hit at the same. When the Spinosaurus finally lets off the vehicle, it backs away a bit, but then starts to come back toward the car, when the Tyrannosaur runs up and tackles the Spinosaurus away from the car, while the classic music starts playing. The two dinosaurs fight each other, their bodies occasionally making contact with the car, when the Tyrannosaur wins, and roars in victory.

    COMPUTER VOICE: Communications restored.

    JP TECHNICIAN: Yes! I’ve got communications back online! I can get your vehicle back to the boarding station! Hold on tight!

    The car speeds forward down a path, heading for an electrified gate. The car goes through it slowing down significantly.

    KILEY: And this concludes your tranquil journey though Jurassic Park.

    The vehicle stops at the unloading dock near/at the visitor’s center.
  • This sounds SOOOOOO much better than the river ride. You should call up Universal.It sounds perfect.
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