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Michael J. Fox in Episode 5 - discussion

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There are so many possibilities as to what the announcement could be is it BTTF on X-Box?, Another BTTF Game?, A BTTF CGI Movie???? A OUTATIME License Plate to everyone who Bought the game before episode 1 was free??? ok the last one was a bit goofy but give your thoughts do you agree with any of my possibilities or do you have a idea to what Tell Tale has up their sleeve come and share your thoughts:)
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  • Ah, thanks.

    While I myself am disappointed in BTTF, I'd imagine it's sold well enough to warrant more--though it seems pretty early to make that sort of announcement.

    I'm assuming the announcement will just be that it's coming to XBox Live or something.
  • Personally, I'm not disappointed in the games - and I thought the story lines were quite interesting, and there were some interesting new characters. That being said, while I wouldn't quite turn down a second season - it's be cool to see how other gaming companies would take on Back to the Future (which Christopher Lloyd always as Doc Brown). Perhaps, have other versions of the BTTF continuation story that would appeal to other types of gamers - like the ones that aren't too fond of the point-and-click type that Telltale did.
  • Telltale Games probably wouldn't be announcing that another company is going to make another Back to the Future... ;)
  • Maybe the announcement is that this finale is gonna be twice as big as all the other episodes, and that's why they're releasing it in June and not in May.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Reading the blog post carefully, I'm not actually sure that the mentioned "awesome announcements" necessarily have to do with BTTF. Maybe they had "other stuff to do".
  • OK, my guesses as follows -

    1) OUTATIME will feature 1931, a version of 1986, and Michael J Fox as old Marty some time in some future or other

    2) a free pizza for every subscriber

    3) Marty takes the Delorean back in time to the days of the pirates, only to have it stolen by an evil ghost pirate who tries to use it to change history, creating a parallel universe where dogs and rabbits talk and wear clothes and shoot people

    4) the game will go onto a console that people who have subscribed either don't have or don't care to go an rebuy it on because they're already got it on PC or Mac

    If I get even half right, I think I'll be doing well
  • It'd be lovely if Michael J Fox had the closing line. I'm not sure his health would permit him to do a whole episode.

    AJ has done an amazing job, I'm sure there's no one on the planet who could do a better Marty.
  • Imagine if they set up a 'movie mode' where you can watch the game cutscenes (with conversations relevant to the plot) in one sitting.
  • Theory: Michael J. Fox will play 2011 Marty.

    Edit: Crap, beaten. The 2011 thing is new in this thread, though. I mentioned it because Doc mentioned it in Episode 1.
  • Keep in mind, they said announcements, so it could me more than one!
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