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BTTF: Cannot save game in Episode 2

posted by Wallet Guy on - last edited - Viewed by 321 users
I see there were two other posts on this topic but none of those options worked for me. How do you save the game? when you hit escape their is no option. Even when controlling Marty. This is really frustrating. :mad:
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  • If you're playing on PC and you don't see the option to save or load, try opening the episode through the shortcut in the Start menu (if you're using XP) or the Games Explorer menu (if you're on Vista or Win7).

    If you're on a Mac, make sure you start the episode through the Applications folder shortcut specific to that episode.

    That should solve the problem.
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    Hi all,
    ep 1 was all ok, then after some time i installed ep2 but there is no save game option if i hit esc ... i gone preety far and did not notice it only after i close the game and restarted after some time and have to begin all over...:mad:
    any idea anyone? thanks a lot!!
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    Hi Yol, see Caleb's post above - make sure you're launching the game from the episode 2 shortcut (rather than the shortcut for episode 1). Same deal for further episodes, always make sure you're using the latest launcher. Hope that solves your problem.
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    did!! thanks a lot!!
  • Ok,

    when I play episode 2 of BTTF I cannot access the save game feature. In episode 1 I can save but not episode 2. :confused:

    I did the ctrl Shift + and crtl shift - keys to refresh my username and password. that got the launch screen to work.Thank you!
    I'm running win XP home and I don't have separate icons for episode 1 and 2. (i have separate unistall icons though:confused:)
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    Have you looked in the Start Menu for the episode 2 shortcut? How about in the install directory?

    If you still can't find it, maybe try reinstalling the episode and make sure you select the options to create a Start Menu shortcut and a desktop shortcut.
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