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Michael J. Fox in Episode 5 - discussion

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There are so many possibilities as to what the announcement could be is it BTTF on X-Box?, Another BTTF Game?, A BTTF CGI Movie???? A OUTATIME License Plate to everyone who Bought the game before episode 1 was free??? ok the last one was a bit goofy but give your thoughts do you agree with any of my possibilities or do you have a idea to what Tell Tale has up their sleeve come and share your thoughts:)
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  • they said claudia wells was at telltale reccently.......Isnt the game already made ......i found that oddly intresting.
  • Shadowknight1;504669 said:
    Agreed. But there's just one small problem with that. The fact that other selves shouldn't interact...though I don't see the problem in Marty's case since he already knows about time travel...

    I suppose he could appear in cut scenes, or perhaps they don't recognise each other - or maybe we just get to play Doc for an episode?
  • Italian subtitles? :P
  • Bloody Eugene;504723 said:
    My question: Would you like to give your voice for other Telltale games?
    I think you meant to post here.

    EDIT: Good recovery.
  • I think series 1 has been pretty good, my main problem is the choice of graphics... woah before you all complain ''Graphics dont matter'' Your right in a certain part but also wrong... Heres my reason. Your not going to play a gta game with looney tune graphics, and your not going to play a looney tune game with gta graphics... simple and in this case i think bttf should had a more realistic approach...

    Anyway back to what this thread was orginally, i think the annoucment is going to be about a series 2 and perhaps maybe if we are lucky, telling us that there will be a big suprise at the end... (michael j fox)

    Or maybe something else...

    Au revoir

  • What if they found it necessary for story reasons to take it up to Part 6, and we have not one, but 2 more episodes to look forward to?
  • That would be intresting, but we would have to wait untill july :( :(
  • Best announcement would be that TellTaleGames picked up the long forgotten Toonstruck 2 project seeing as they had Christopher Lloyd in the offices, they though "hey why not!"
  • There's going to be a Back to the Future panel at Dragon Con this year, with Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, and James Tolkan (so far).. so it could just be related to that.
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