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Help on Case #6!!!

posted by mars441991 on - last edited - Viewed by 254 users
I have the green blouse and it says I need to do something else with it before I can process it! What evidence can I find on it?!? Spoilers welcome!
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  • That message "usually" means that there's more evidence on the item itself. So check the green blouse again for trace!
  • Yeah, I know that. But it wont let me take a look at anything else. I'm just wondering what all I can find after I find the sustance that reacted with the luminol and the fibers...
  • ;)You don't have to do anything else with the green shirt... Just be sure to have gotten the USB on the shelf that the shirt was hung on and process it.
    After you've processed the USB, match the fibers found on the green shirt to th fibers found on the bullet (in the wall)... then you would have obtained an arrest warrant for Nicole....
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