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I hate you telltale D8 (possiable spoilers)

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Well ive just finished playing 202 and I don't really hate telltale its just they made such a great game and now I have to wait for 203 D8 I love it to much to wait lol.
I was a little confused as well by a few things such
(SPOILERS ^^; Im not sure how to add tags) as why we had lou for and the ending after the credits made no sense and made me think what going to happen in 203 making me more impatient 8D I am also little confused about sybil and how she is getting back? Where did she go? She may have gone back...I dunno but can't wait for the next episode. 202 was my fav mostly because of kid sam and max reminds me of the tv ep when they were kids, I think it was called glitch in time..
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  • Spoiler tags are [ spoiler ]text[ /spoiler ]. But w/o the spaces.

    Also: I tought I was the only one that used the D8 emoticon. lol
  • bah lol somthing went wrong there *crys*
  • Remember the mariachi was in the trailer?
  • And what will happen to Lincoln? I hope he stays on Easter islands, jerk!
    I'm also curious what's going on with Leonard...why can't we torture him? I wanna see more blood, c'mon!
  • The Mexican guy was the one who sang happy birthday to Sybil in 202.
  • Kedri;50527 said:
    Remember the mariachi was in the trailer?

    We all started speculating about him back then, and I think Jake told us not to assume he would be the villian.
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