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Symbiote Studios issues, anyone?

posted by YoshBilla on - last edited - Viewed by 295 users
So I ordered myself one of the beautifully made statues of Sam and Max from Symbiote, but they're making this super difficult. Ordered over TWO weeks ago and never ever responded to any of my emails, tweets or fb messages. I asked for my tracking number and I got it, but every time I use the link it gives me an 'access denied' page. So, I looked up the number and decided to give em a call. Instead of hearing a male voice or a 'Thanks for calling Symbiote Studios can I help you?' I hear a thirteen year old girl who doesn't know what Symbiote Studio is. They have a fax number that doesn't work and I was able to find the admin email but am awaiting anything from that as well.

I don't mind waiting for the package, it's the lack of consideration and reply that bothers me.

If anyone has any info or had issues with Symbiote I'd appreciate the info ;) - Yoshua.
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  • 30something views and no replies? come on pweeeease. I'll give a huggy wuggy to the first person who has something helpful ^_^
  • The BBB has given them an "F" rating for failure to respond. If they're not going to talk to the BBB, chances are they won't talk to you, either. If you paid by credit card, you can dispute the charge when the bill comes, if you still haven't gotten what you ordered, and that might get their attention. (I have never dealt with them, so can't comment from personal experience.)
  • Thanks for the reply. I sent the site various emails with no avail. I did a little digging and found the owners personal email address and sent him the same emails. He never replied. So, I threatened to contact the BBB and he finally emailed me back. I'm giving him til fri of next week. It's unfortunate that it's the only place to buy the statue.
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