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The “Telltale Deck ‘o Cards” Project

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A small group of fanartists on the Sam and Max forum recently made a really awesome fanart calendar. But Telltale is so much more, and the forum members are also really diverse and talented. So why don’t we undertake something a bit bigger- like a full 54 card (A-K and two Jokers) deck of cards?

This is not intended for sale- just a fun fanart project for everyone to do!

So that we have some degree of order, here are…


1. All cards are to be 750 pixels wide by 1050 tall. Essentially, a standard poker sized 2 ½ inch by 3 ½ inch card at 300 dpi. Please upload your finished card to an image-hosting site like Imageshack, and give us all a link.

Since there has been a little confusion- 72 dpi is what home printers and the internet use (and it's the default for Photoshop), but good commercial printers use 300 dpi- and that's usually the standard used by scanners and digital cameras, too. I picked the resolution I did so that regardless of whether you use inches or centimeters, and regardless of your grahic program's settings, we'll have uniformly sized cards.

2. One character, one card. So that we don’t end up with a deck half full of Nelson Tethers, once a character is claimed it’s out of the pool of options. However, characters that have more than one distinct model (human versus demon LeChuck come to mind, or Sam versus a doggleganger), may be treated as spearate characters.

3. Choosing a card: When choosing a card, name the card you’re doing and the character. If you’re doing a joker, pleae mention whether you want the red or black one. First posted, first served.

4. You have three weeks to finish once approved. If you’re not done, tell us that you’re still alive or something. If we haven’t heard from you, the card and character you picked go back into the pool for someone else to choose if they want.

5. Your card must contain the suit and number somewhere on its face. Where, or how large, is entirely up to you. Jokers can say “Joker” or have some other kind of indication without words, but must specify the color somewhere.

6. Other than the size of the card, and that it contains its number and suit, your card can look however you please so long as YOU MADE THE ART ON THE CARD. But don’t limit yourself to just drawing- a photograph of cosplay, a diorama, sculpture- anything goes! Be creative!

7. If you're done with your card and you'd like to make another, feel free..

LASTLY, 8. THIS IS NOT A CONTEST. This is a collaborative project for fun. If you want to participate, pleae do! Be creative, enjoy it, and if you follow rules 1-6, you’re set. There are no prizes, there are no awards. This is just a chance to make something really cool with your fellow forumites.

Below are the claimed cards and characters; this will be updated as things are taken (numbers with links have been completed).

2 (dustindemon, Sexy Peepers)
3 (The Gentleman, Nelson Tethers)
4 (yoshiwam, Marquis de Singe)
5 (Jennifer, Theodore Dudebrough)
6 (Spadge, Satan)
7 (divisionten, Anemone)
8 (divisionten, Hidden People)
9 (yoshiwam, Sister Agnes)
10 (Light, Trixie Trotter)
J (Silly Stell, Noir Sam)
Q (Falanca, Morgan LeFlay)
K (Spinky, Senor Cardgage)
A (lombre, Charlie Ho-Tep)

2 (Jennifer, The Great Red Dragon)
3 (Klatuu, Murray)
4 (Jennifer, Steve)
5 (prizna, Randal Scruffman)
8 (Weeberjake, Einstein)
9 (Jennifer, Gentleman Claptrap)
10 (Jennifer, Tycho)
J (Jennifer, Tyrion Lannister)
Q (light-rises, Dr. Momma Bosco)
K (SunnyGuy, Sameth)
A (Jennifer, Perducci)

2 (Vainamoinen, Baby Amelia Earhart)
3 (Jennifer, Gil Grissom)
4 (GuruGuru214, the COPS)
5 (Spadge, Flycatcher)
6 (Jennifer, Lennie Briscoe)
7 (lombre, Larry Palaroncini)
8 (Jennifer, Hector)
10 (Jennifer, Gromit)
J (Spinky, Raptor)
Q (SecretFawful, Elaine Marley-Threepwood)
A (The Highway, Treasure Crab)

2 (Secret Fawful, Rick Grimes)
3 (TyrannusMaximus, Narrator)
8 (Falanca, Young Emmett)
9 (Lehfeels, Alex)
J (Jennifer, Sal)
Q (Vainamoinen, Sybil Lincoln-Pandemik)
A (Klatuu, GLaDOS)

Red (rubygloommel, Max)
Black (Hayley the Hedgie, Sam)

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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    You're helping A LOT. :D :D :D

    ...and you're up.
  • Vainamoinen;505994 said:
    Would you draw other characters if I said yes, the deck is limited to TTG characters?? ;)
    I suck at drawing in general... but I had a ton of practice with Kauff and gustav.
    Hmmm...I could give it a shot. Which TTG characters are we missing? :D
    ...and why the h*** did yoshiwam just delete that awesome Kauff & Gustav-related post? Was that on your behalf, SWP?
    Oh my God! That's brilliant!! Thanks Yoshiwam!
    No, I wouldn't dare delete something so cool! He deleted it by himself, dunno why.
    yoshiwam;505998 said:
    ohlolol no, I didn't remove it on anyone's behalf x3

    but here are the links for those interested:
    Thanks man! I'll post this on my site :D

    I don't suppose you could help me out with the Kauff and Gustav game, since I just lost my second background designer? :)
  • @Silverwolfpet: I'm glad you like the drawings!
    And kudos on making a game, too! :)
    is there any place on the web with more info on your game?

    as for the cards ~ here is Marquis de Singe, 4 of hearts

  • Good gosh, guys, this stuff is awesome! And, thanks, V,for picking up the slack. X__X
  • Excellent work so far. Can't wait to see the deck completed.
  • @yoshiwam: That DeSinge is absolutely fantastic. To live forever for!
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Great, great, great ! ! !

    ...we need the high-res version for our collection. :D

    /edit: My incredible detective skills have enabled me to find it.
  • I wish to create a card for the spade suit that has the three possums from Bone digging mud for a mud pie. With a spade. It could be any spade card, but I would prefer it to be the three of spades. So, Klatuu, if you are willing to exchange with me, it would be great.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Then just make it any spades card. We can't wait another month for Klatuu now.

    And, no, nothing's forgotten and little baby Amelia Earhart is on her way. Okay, what about a random sneak peek WIP... well... how's this part 'ere?


    More participants please! Anyone? Ryan? Steve?
  • Here, have a WIP version of my Internet sprite.


    I busted that thing out in maybe half an hour about three months ago and keep forgetting to come back to it.
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