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MRI came back, my back is a mess

posted by doodo! on - last edited - Viewed by 2.5K users
I'm going to see a doctor about it.
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  • I am far from a medical expert but could it be a clogged artery? Do you have a healthy eating pattern?
  • Again, my family is like, yeah whatever big deal...whatever...don't forget that this started as a back injury and then a leg injury both of which no one gave a terd.
  • I don't think that I want to wait three full more days. I think I'm going to the Hospital tommorow against my parents wishes.My family keeps blowing me off, I don't want to wait any longer. When I walk on my foot it's falling a sleep and it's aching and now other parts of my body feel like they're aching. They are making me do work around the *BEEP* house! I'll let them pick up the bill and pay them back.

    It started as a back injury that no one cared about, where I couldn't even walk or lay on the couch, then a leg injury no one cared about and now it's in my foot. They are saying **** about me how I do nothing all day, when my leg is in pain and now my foot is always falling a sleep and I hurt myself working my *BEEP * off at work for 6-7 shifts without ever taking any real breaks from the job for little pay...

    I don't want to wait , I have a doctor's appointment scheduled for Monday. I don't want to wait that long, now I have a ache in my *BEEP* head to accompany all of this!
  • I think you're definately right to go to the hospital. As people have said, it's could be thrombosis or some blockage. Also, it could be possibly related to your back injury. I had a bulging disc which pressed on the nerve that went down my leg. I get pins and needles, numbness and spasms in the muscles (like cramps but last longer and hurt more). I do hope that you feel better soon, and that the hospital works out whats wrong and fixes it...
  • I see the doctor today about my foot!
  • The doctor had a theory and I now have meds but I'm not sure that I learned anything. I got another appointment June 7th.
  • What was the theory? Blood Clot?
  • Irishmile;506594 said:
    What was the theory? Blood Clot?
    A inflamed nerve located near the base of my spine, I think it was something like that. We did xrays, he looked them over. I trust my doctor, I truly do and right now it explains everyting, and it's probably all in my head but some times I feel ike I forgot to tell him something.

    And, he wasn't sure it was anything, I know it's something. Got a nother appointment 7th
  • I'm glad the doctors sorting it out. Inflamed nerves are no fun! I hope it settles down soon. I was offered cortisone injections but am wary of needles near my spine...
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    doodo!;506600 said:
    A inflamed nerve located near the base of my spine,
    So, what are you getting now, some kind of antibiotics? And are they helping?
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