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New Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy-game by Hothead Games

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Hothead just announced a new game based on Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. They set up a small teaser site (is that the voice of the original Arthur Dent, Simon Jones?): Not much is known about the title just yet, but with E3 so close it wouldn't surprise me if more information is coming very soon.

On the one hand I'm very happy that there's a new Hitchhikers game, but I'm not sure if Hothead is the right company for it. What a Hitchhikers game needs, above all, is extremely good writing. I'm not sure if Hothead has writers that can come near Douglas Adams's level. Their games are pretty fun, but the writing (I guess I can only look at Deathspank, because every word of the Penny Arcade games was written by Jerry Holkins) is, in my opinion, pretty bad. And even if you enjoy Deathspank's humor, it's nothing like the kind of comedy you'll find in the Hitchhiker radio plays/books.

Anyway, maybe I'm being too pessimistic. I'm happy that this game is coming out at all, so let's stay positive for now.

Oh, and if someone from Telltale is reading this: get the Discworld license before Hothead gets their hands on it. Terry is still alive, and there are more movies and a television series coming soon, so get it before the rest of the videogame world realises what a perfect franchise it is.
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  • No. Just no. Douglas Adams has passed on (R.I.P.) and his works are sacred. Sacrilege I say, sacrilege.

    P.S. The movie sucked donkey balls big time. Long live the books, radio and TV series.

    Bah! Humbug.
  • Hothead did a great job on Penny Arcade Adventures. Why can't they just continue that?
  • There doesn't seem to be much information out, but is this going to be an actual adventure game or a Penny Arcade Adventures style game?
  • Rather Dashing;507234 said:
    The distaste is very well-explained here, in both short and analytical long-form, if you are actually curious.
    Brilliant! He mentions the mud scene!

    I get your stance on BTTF now, I felt exactly the same way about the movie and refused to listen when anyone said differently; often very loudly and for rather long periods of time.

    btw thank you for that link :) it's one review I'd not read before and was well worth it. Definitely the closest I've found to why I feel the movie failed.

    I hope the developers have read that review.
  • Hrm. I enjoyed the movie when I rewatched it late last year, but then again I'm just getting to the books now. Maybe the next time I watch it I'll look down on it more, but I will say I did like the BBC TV Show version more then the film, if that's anything.
  • You are in for such a treat. I wish I could read them for the first time again.
  • I Started with the books, And then the radio series, then the TV Series, then the movie. I still love the movie, My favorite is the radio series, Mostly because of Marvin playing Pink Floyd at one point. I don't think the movie is at all bad, because it feels like it's exactly what Douglas Adams would have done.

    In all honestly, I thought the gift of beer was better than Mr. Prosser lying down in the mud.
  • The Gentleman;507258 said:
    Hothead did a great job on Penny Arcade Adventures. Why can't they just continue that?
    The fact that Telltale has done episodic gaming right can sometimes cause us to forget that other developers have done it...not as right.

    Many episodic series (Penny Arcade Adventures included) are made with only enough budget for one or two episodes. So the developer makes those episodes, then assumes the money made from sales of the early episodes will pay for the later ones. This usually doesn't work out.

    Episodes 1 and 2 of Precipice didn't sell well enough to justify Episodes 3 and 4. From what I understand Gabe and Tycho found the whole game design process pretty exhausting too.
  • Remolay;507277 said:

    In all honestly, I thought the gift of beer was better than Mr. Prosser lying down in the mud.
    Really?!? oh well no worries :)
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