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We are having a Amish family do our roofing , it needs redone. I wake up, and I guess it's partially my fault, but I go to take a piss, and I sit down on my toilet and in through my blinds, I look next to me and there's a Amish boy just standing there, watching me take a crap.

I'd say he's about 15-16, so it's not that perverse. But, it was sort of awkward.

I pulled up my pants and left the bathroom and closed the door behind me.

We're both males, so he didn't see anything. But, I would expect of myself that if I was doing roofing, I wouldn't watch the bathroom window as he did, I'd probably look away if I saw some one in the bathroom taking a dump.

Maybe, it's a cultural thing and he doesn't shy away from that sort of thing as I do, would.
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