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Tales of Monkey Island Season 2 Speculation and Suggestion Thread

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When's that scheduled for then? :D
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  • Wow, bad timing for me to work on my movie. What did I miss?!
    *reads thread*

    Wow, sweet! So, uh, do we still send him the letter? I'm still working on that and I've decided upon the best format to make sure he will be interested in reading every single one of your posts.

    Maybe we should wait a bit before sending it. Hm... I will, however, finish the format-thingy so everyone can approve.
    It's good that we postponed it, more and more people wrote their wishes into this thread. Who knows? Maybe LA actually found our thread. Hm... anything is possible!

    Be right back, gotta edit some stuff! Epic fighting sounds!
  • OMG, I havnt been on here in a while but im glad i checked in again, pls let LucasArts be the one releasing the 25 games with GOG.
  • considering the success of Tales of Monkey Island, I can't see why there wouldn't be a 2nd season. Though it seems that Telltale have a busy schedule, so we may have to be patient.
    I am predicting that in 2012, we will see a 2nd season and 2013 we will see Sam and Max Season 4. I would love to be proved right.
  • Okay!

    The Dear LucasArts project is ON! I'm getting every single post you guys wrote, right now!
    I should have the file in a couple of hours. :)

    I strongly believe we've waited long enough past the original date. Don't you agree?


    *gathering posts*

    EDIT: Aaaand here it is!

    We have 32 letters so far. Do you think we can gather more?

    P.S. I also posted a thread on the adventure gamers forum. It's a good start so far! C'mon people, join in! :D Just a short paragraph!
  • Was it ever mentioned who got the deal with GOG?
  • What if we did a I Wonder What Happens in Tales of Monkey Island 2? Maybe that could also excite people at LucasArts and TellTale...

    Just a thought.
  • Lucas needs to let TTG do another series! Look at all the creativity that come from the community when we found out a new game was being made. The happiness it brought to people that thought it was over and dead only to see it rise again like a phoenix. They gotta let us see what comes of the revelations in Tales!
  • I want to see where they are planning on going with the connection between the Voodoo lady and Morgan... I also want to see them have LeChuck be evil the entire game.. and I would like then to have the challenge of bringing us a "New" version of LeChuck... I vote hulking monster LeChuck.
  • I would like a new Monkey Island game, well LucasArts are the only ones who can do a "fifth" game. TOMI isn't officially classed as MI 5 as both LA and TellTale have both said this. I think LucasArts have already stated they don't want to do an SE for COMI and EFMI, rumours are they're doing a SE for Maniac Mansion to coincide with the games 25th anniversary next year and the 25th anniversary of the SCUMM engine.

    COMI and EFMI will most likely get re-released on since LucasArts are one of the three rumoured companies that GOG have been speaking with to get titles re-released on their site either this summer or in the fall.
  • Threepwood4Life;508285 said:
    I would like a new Monkey Island game, well LucasArts are the only ones who can do a "fifth" game. TOMI isn't officially classed as MI 5 as both LA and TellTale have both said this

    Not quite true.
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